Unhinged (UNH)






Atinlay Igpay UNH Eaturecray — Igpay U Evkay Alkerway
AWOL UNH Instant C Stephen Tappin
Bosom Buddy UNH Creature — Elephant Townsfolk U Dan Scott
Cardpecker UNH Creature — Bird C Richard Sardinha
Cheap Ass UNH Creature — Donkey Townsfolk C Randy Gallegos
Circle of Protection: Art UNH Enchantment C Jim “Stop the Da Vinci Beatdown” Pavelec
Collector Protector UNH Creature — Human Gamer R Christopher Rush
Drawn Together UNH Enchantment R Pete “Fear Me” Venters
Emcee UNH Creature — Human Rogue U Quinton Hoover
Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One) UNH Instant C Pete “Yes the Urza's Legacy One” Venters
Fascist Art Director UNH Creature — Human Horror C Edward P. “Feed Me” Beard, Jr.
First Come, First Served UNH Enchantment U Thomas Gianni
Frankie Peanuts UNH Legendary Creature — Elephant Rogue R Thomas M. Baxa
Head to Head UNH Instant U Thomas Gianni
Ladies' Knight UNH Creature — Human Knight U Ron Spears
Little Girl UNH Creature — Human Child C Rebecca Guay
Look at Me, I'm R&D UNH Enchantment R
Man of Measure UNH Creature — Human Knight C Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Save Life UNH Instant U Ray Lago
Standing Army UNH Creature — Human Soldier C Randy Gallegos
Staying Power UNH Enchantment R Richard Sardinha
Wordmail UNH Enchantment — Aura C Ron Spencer
_____ UNH Creature — Shapeshifter U Ron Spears
Ambiguity UNH Enchantment R Stephen Daniele
Artful Looter UNH Creature — Human Wizard C Heather “Erica Gassalasca-Jape” Hudson
Avatar of Me UNH Creature — Avatar R Greg Hildebrandt
Brushstroke Paintermage UNH Creature — Human Wizard C Ron “Don't You Dare Change Me” Spears
Bursting Beebles UNH Creature — Beeble C David “Beeblemania” Martin
Carnivorous Death-Parrot UNH Creature — Bird C Tim Hildebrandt
Cheatyface UNH Creature — Efreet U Doug Chaffee
Double Header UNH Creature — Drake C Richard Sardinha
Flaccify UNH Instant C Tim Hildebrandt
Framed! UNH Instant C Alan “Don't Feel Like You Have to Pick Me” Pollack
Greater Morphling UNH Creature — Shapeshifter R Greg “Six-Pack” Staples
Johnny, Combo Player UNH Legendary Creature — Human Gamer R Kensuke Okabayashi
Loose Lips UNH Enchantment — Aura C John Matson
Magical Hacker UNH Creature — Human Gamer U Doug Chaffee
Mise UNH Instant U Matt Cavotta
Moniker Mage UNH Creature — Human Wizard C Keith Garletts
Mouth to Mouth UNH Sorcery U Alan Pollack
Now I Know My ABC's UNH Enchantment R Tony Szczudlo
Number Crunch UNH Instant C Stephen Daniele
Question Elemental? UNH Creature — Elemental? U Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Richard Garfield, Ph.D. UNH Legendary Creature — Human Designer R Dave Dorman
Smart Ass UNH Creature — Donkey Wizard C Trevor Hairsine
Spell Counter UNH Instant U Doug Chaffee
Topsy Turvy UNH Enchantment R Jeff Miracola
Aesthetic Consultation UNH Instant R David “Help Me” Martin
Bad Ass UNH Creature — Donkey Zombie C Thomas M. Baxa
Bloodletter UNH Creature — Zombie C Daren Bader
Booster Tutor UNH Instant U Christopher Rush
Duh UNH Instant C Dave Dorman
Enter the Dungeon UNH Sorcery R Luca Zontini
Eye to Eye UNH Instant U Michael Sutfin
The Fallen Apart UNH Creature — Zombie C Corey D. Macourek
Farewell to Arms UNH Enchantment C Ron Lemen
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil UNH Creature — Demon Child R Ron Spencer
Kill! Destroy! UNH Instant U Corey D. Macourek
Mother of Goons UNH Creature — Human Cleric C Darrell Riche
Necro-Impotence UNH Enchantment R Mark Tedin
Persecute Artist UNH Sorcery U Rebecca “Don't Mess with Me” Guay
Phyrexian Librarian UNH Creature — Horror U Kev Walker
Stop That UNH Instant C Anson Maddocks
Tainted Monkey UNH Creature — Monkey C Mark Zug
Vile Bile UNH Creature — Ooze C Tony Szczudlo
Wet Willie of the Damned UNH Sorcery C Greg Staples
When Fluffy Bunnies Attack UNH Instant C Ray Lago
Working Stiff UNH Creature — Mummy U Darrell Riche
Zombie Fanboy UNH Creature — Zombie Gamer U Matt “I'm Your Boy” Cavotta
Zzzyxas's Abyss UNH Enchantment R Pete Venters
Assquatch UNH Creature — Donkey R Jeremy Jarvis
Blast from the Past UNH Instant R Douglas Shuler
Curse of the Fire Penguin UNH Enchantment — Aura R Matt Thompson
Deal Damage UNH Instant U Scott M. Fischer
Dumb Ass UNH Creature — Donkey Barbarian C Bradley Williams
Face to Face UNH Sorcery U Randy Gallegos
Frazzled Editor UNH Creature — Human Bureaucrat C Jim Pavelec
Goblin Mime UNH Creature — Goblin Mime C Franz Vohwinkel
Goblin Secret Agent UNH Creature — Goblin Rogue C Tony Szczudlo
Goblin S.W.A.T. Team UNH Creature — Goblin Warrior C Eric Deschamps
Mana Flair UNH Instant C Paolo “That's Actually Me” Parente
Mons's Goblin Waiters UNH Creature — Goblin Waiter C Pete Venters
Orcish Paratroopers UNH Creature — Orc Paratrooper C Matt Thompson
Punctuate UNH Instant C Jim Pavelec
Pygmy Giant UNH Creature — Giant U Eric Deschamps
Red-Hot Hottie UNH Creature — Elemental C Jeremy Jarvis
Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug UNH Creature — Slug U Franz Vohwinkel
Sauté UNH Instant C Jeff Miracola
Six-y Beast UNH Creature — Beast U Anson Maddocks
Touch and Go UNH Sorcery C Ben Thompson
Yet Another Aether Vortex UNH Enchantment R David Day
B-I-N-G-O UNH Creature — Dog R Ron Spencer
Creature Guy UNH Creature — Beast U Jeff Easley
Elvish House Party UNH Creature — Elf Rogue U Thomas Manning
Fat Ass UNH Creature — Donkey Shaman C Jeremy Jarvis
Form of the Squirrel UNH Enchantment R Carl Critchlow
Fraction Jackson UNH Creature — Human Hero R Mark Poole
Gluetius Maximus UNH Creature — Beast U Jeff Easley
Granny's Payback UNH Sorcery U Joel Thomas
Graphic Violence UNH Instant C Wayne “King of” England
Keeper of the Sacred Word UNH Creature — Human Druid C Dany Orizio
Land Aid '04 UNH Sorcery C Jim Nelson
Laughing Hyena UNH Creature — Hyena C Mark Poole
Monkey Monkey Monkey UNH Creature — Monkey C Liz Danforth
Name Dropping UNH Enchantment U Tony Szczudlo
Old Fogey UNH Summon — Dinosaur R Douglas Shuler
Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made this Card to Have the Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental UNH Creature — Elemental C Greg Hildebrandt
Remodel UNH Instant C Lars Grant-“Wild Wild”-West
Shoe Tree UNH Creature — Treefolk C Francis Tsai
Side to Side UNH Instant U Jim Nelson
S.N.O.T. UNH Creature — Ooze C Cyril Van Der Haegen
Stone-Cold Basilisk UNH Creature — Basilisk U Don Hazeltine
Supersize UNH Instant C DiTerlizzi
Symbol Status UNH Sorcery U Liz Danforth
Uktabi Kong UNH Creature — Ape R Una Fricker
"Ach! Hans, Run!" UNH Enchantment R Quinton Hoover
Ass Whuppin' UNH Sorcery R Don Hazeltine
Meddling Kids UNH Creature — Human Child R Christopher Moeller
Rare-B-Gone UNH Sorcery R John Matson
Who // What // When // Where // Why // // // // UNH Instant // Instant // Instant // Instant // Instant R Dan Frazier
Gleemax UNH Legendary Artifact R Richard Thomas
Letter Bomb UNH Artifact R Daniel Gelon
Mana Screw UNH Artifact U Mike Raabe
Mox Lotus UNH Artifact R Kevin Dobler
My First Tome UNH Artifact U Heather Hudson
Pointy Finger of Doom UNH Artifact R Martina Pilcerova
Rod of Spanking UNH Artifact U Mark Brill
Time Machine UNH Artifact R John Avon
Togglodyte UNH Artifact Creature — Golem U Dan Frazier
Toy Boat UNH Artifact Creature — Ship U Lars Grant-West
Urza's Hot Tub UNH Artifact U Stephen Tappin
Water Gun Balloon Game UNH Artifact R Mark Brill
World-Bottling Kit UNH Artifact R Alan Rabinowitz
City of Ass UNH Land R John Avon
R&D's Secret Lair UNH Legendary Land R John Avon
Plains UNH Basic Land — Plains C John Avon
Island UNH Basic Land — Island C John Avon
Swamp UNH Basic Land — Swamp C John Avon
Mountain UNH Basic Land — Mountain C John Avon
Forest UNH Basic Land — Forest C John Avon
Super Secret Tech UNH Artifact R Dan Frazier