Urza's Destiny (UDS)






Academy Rector UDS Creature — Human Cleric R Heather Hudson
Archery Training UDS Enchantment — Aura U Mark Brill
Capashen Knight UDS Creature — Human Knight C Kev Walker
Capashen Standard UDS Enchantment — Aura C Todd Lockwood
Capashen Templar UDS Creature — Human Knight C Todd Lockwood
False Prophet UDS Creature — Human Cleric R Eric Peterson
Fend Off UDS Instant C Paolo Parente
Field Surgeon UDS Creature — Human Cleric C Heather Hudson
Flicker UDS Sorcery R Douglas Shuler
Jasmine Seer UDS Creature — Human Wizard U Donato Giancola
Mask of Law and Grace UDS Enchantment — Aura C Kev Walker
Master Healer UDS Creature — Human Cleric R Adam Rex
Opalescence UDS Enchantment R John Avon
Reliquary Monk UDS Creature — Human Monk Cleric C Thomas M. Baxa
Replenish UDS Sorcery R Jim Nelson
Sanctimony UDS Enchantment U Mark Brill
Scent of Jasmine UDS Instant C Douglas Shuler
Scour UDS Instant U Eric Peterson
Serra Advocate UDS Creature — Angel U Scott Hampton
Solidarity UDS Instant C John Zeleznik
Tethered Griffin UDS Creature — Griffin R Matthew D. Wilson
Tormented Angel UDS Creature — Angel C Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Voice of Duty UDS Creature — Angel U Mark Zug
Voice of Reason UDS Creature — Angel U Ray Lago
Wall of Glare UDS Creature — Wall C Patrick Ho
Aura Thief UDS Creature — Illusion R Ron Spears
Blizzard Elemental UDS Creature — Elemental R Thomas M. Baxa
Brine Seer UDS Creature — Human Wizard U Donato Giancola
Bubbling Beebles UDS Creature — Beeble C Jeff Miracola
Disappear UDS Enchantment — Aura U Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Donate UDS Sorcery R Jeff Miracola
Fatigue UDS Sorcery C Jeff Miracola
Fledgling Osprey UDS Creature — Bird C Heather Hudson
Illuminated Wings UDS Enchantment — Aura C Jim Nelson
Iridescent Drake UDS Creature — Drake U Jim Nelson
Kingfisher UDS Creature — Bird C Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Mental Discipline UDS Enchantment C Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Metathran Elite UDS Creature — Metathran Soldier U Jim Nelson
Metathran Soldier UDS Creature — Metathran Soldier C Paolo Parente
Opposition UDS Enchantment R Todd Lockwood
Private Research UDS Enchantment — Aura U Scott M. Fischer
Quash UDS Instant U Don Hazeltine
Rayne, Academy Chancellor UDS Legendary Creature — Human Wizard R Matthew D. Wilson
Rescue UDS Instant C Greg Staples
Scent of Brine UDS Instant C Greg Staples
Sigil of Sleep UDS Enchantment — Aura C Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Telepathic Spies UDS Creature — Human Wizard C Thomas M. Baxa
Temporal Adept UDS Creature — Human Wizard R Heather Hudson
Thieving Magpie UDS Creature — Bird U Una Fricker
Treachery UDS Enchantment — Aura R Matthew D. Wilson
Apprentice Necromancer UDS Creature — Zombie Wizard R Pete Venters
Attrition UDS Enchantment R Scott M. Fischer
Body Snatcher UDS Creature — Minion R Mark Zug
Bubbling Muck UDS Sorcery C Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Carnival of Souls UDS Enchantment R Brian Snõddy
Chime of Night UDS Enchantment — Aura C Pete Venters
Disease Carriers UDS Creature — Rat C Chippy & Matthew D. Wilson
Dying Wail UDS Enchantment — Aura C Brian Snõddy
Encroach UDS Sorcery U rk post
Eradicate UDS Sorcery U Kev Walker
Festering Wound UDS Enchantment — Aura U Chippy & Matthew D. Wilson
Lurking Jackals UDS Enchantment U Greg Staples
Nightshade Seer UDS Creature — Human Wizard U Donato Giancola
Phyrexian Monitor UDS Creature — Skeleton C Carl Critchlow
Phyrexian Negator UDS Creature — Horror R John Zeleznik
Plague Dogs UDS Creature — Zombie Hound U Chippy & Matthew D. Wilson
Rapid Decay UDS Instant R Chippy
Ravenous Rats UDS Creature — Rat C Carl Critchlow
Scent of Nightshade UDS Instant C John Avon
Skittering Horror UDS Creature — Horror C Mark Zug
Slinking Skirge UDS Creature — Imp C Ron Spencer
Soul Feast UDS Sorcery U Ray Lago
Squirming Mass UDS Creature — Horror C Ron Spencer
Twisted Experiment UDS Enchantment — Aura C rk post
Yawgmoth's Bargain UDS Enchantment R Michael Sutfin
Aether Sting UDS Enchantment U Pete Venters
Bloodshot Cyclops UDS Creature — Cyclops Giant R Ray Lago
Cinder Seer UDS Creature — Human Wizard U Donato Giancola
Colos Yearling UDS Creature — Goat Beast C Patrick Ho
Covetous Dragon UDS Creature — Dragon R rk post
Flame Jet UDS Sorcery C John Avon
Goblin Berserker UDS Creature — Goblin Berserker U Christopher Rush
Goblin Festival UDS Enchantment R Jeff Laubenstein
Goblin Gardener UDS Creature — Goblin C Dan Frazier
Goblin Marshal UDS Creature — Goblin Warrior R DiTerlizzi
Goblin Masons UDS Creature — Goblin C DiTerlizzi
Hulking Ogre UDS Creature — Ogre C Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Impatience UDS Enchantment R Mark Brill
Incendiary UDS Enchantment — Aura U Jeff Laubenstein
Keldon Champion UDS Creature — Human Barbarian U Mark Tedin
Keldon Vandals UDS Creature — Human Rogue C Greg Staples
Landslide UDS Sorcery U Jeff Laubenstein
Mark of Fury UDS Enchantment — Aura C Thomas M. Baxa
Reckless Abandon UDS Sorcery C Ron Spears
Repercussion UDS Enchantment R Michael Sutfin
Scent of Cinder UDS Sorcery C Marc Fishman
Sowing Salt UDS Sorcery U Todd Lockwood
Trumpet Blast UDS Instant C Carl Critchlow
Wake of Destruction UDS Sorcery R Todd Lockwood
Wild Colos UDS Creature — Goat Beast C Marc Fishman
Ancient Silverback UDS Creature — Ape R Paolo Parente
Compost UDS Enchantment U Douglas Shuler
Elvish Lookout UDS Creature — Elf C Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Elvish Piper UDS Creature — Elf Shaman R Scott M. Fischer
Emperor Crocodile UDS Creature — Crocodile R Kev Walker
Gamekeeper UDS Creature — Elf U Scott Hampton
Goliath Beetle UDS Creature — Insect C Don Hazeltine
Heart Warden UDS Creature — Elf Druid C Adam Rex
Hunting Moa UDS Creature — Bird Beast U DiTerlizzi
Ivy Seer UDS Creature — Elf Wizard U Donato Giancola
Magnify UDS Instant C Michael Sutfin
Marker Beetles UDS Creature — Insect C Ron Spencer
Momentum UDS Enchantment — Aura U Carl Critchlow
Multani's Decree UDS Sorcery C Eric Peterson
Pattern of Rebirth UDS Enchantment — Aura R Mark Brill
Plated Spider UDS Creature — Spider C Ron Spencer
Plow Under UDS Sorcery R Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary UDS Legendary Creature — Elf Druid R Michael Sutfin
Rofellos's Gift UDS Sorcery C Pete Venters
Scent of Ivy UDS Instant C John Avon
Splinter UDS Sorcery U Daren Bader
Taunting Elf UDS Creature — Elf C Scott M. Fischer
Thorn Elemental UDS Creature — Elemental R rk post
Yavimaya Elder UDS Creature — Human Druid C Ray Lago
Yavimaya Enchantress UDS Creature — Human Druid U Matthew D. Wilson
Braidwood Cup UDS Artifact U Greg Hildebrandt & Tim Hildebrandt
Braidwood Sextant UDS Artifact U Don Hazeltine
Brass Secretary UDS Artifact Creature — Construct U DiTerlizzi
Caltrops UDS Artifact U Jeff Laubenstein
Extruder UDS Artifact Creature — Juggernaut U Mark Tedin
Fodder Cannon UDS Artifact U DiTerlizzi
Junk Diver UDS Artifact Creature — Bird R Eric Peterson
Mantis Engine UDS Artifact Creature — Insect U John Zeleznik
Masticore UDS Artifact Creature — Masticore R Paolo Parente
Metalworker UDS Artifact Creature — Construct R Don Hazeltine
Powder Keg UDS Artifact R Dan Frazier
Scrying Glass UDS Artifact R Patrick Ho
Storage Matrix UDS Artifact R Patrick Ho
Thran Dynamo UDS Artifact U Ron Spears
Thran Foundry UDS Artifact U John Zeleznik
Thran Golem UDS Artifact Creature — Golem R Ron Spears
Urza's Incubator UDS Artifact R Pete Venters
Yavimaya Hollow UDS Legendary Land R Douglas Shuler