Urza's Legacy (ULG)






Angelic Curator ULG Creature — Angel Spirit C Greg Staples
Blessed Reversal ULG Instant R Pete Venters
Burst of Energy ULG Instant C Mark Brill
Cessation ULG Enchantment — Aura C Mark Zug
Defender of Law ULG Creature — Human Knight C Carl Critchlow
Devout Harpist ULG Creature — Human C Rebecca Guay
Erase ULG Instant C Ron Spears
Expendable Troops ULG Creature — Human Soldier C Carl Critchlow
Hope and Glory ULG Instant U Heather Hudson
Iron Will ULG Instant C Val Mayerik
Karmic Guide ULG Creature — Angel Spirit R Heather Hudson
Knighthood ULG Enchantment U Kev Walker
Martyr's Cause ULG Enchantment U Jeff Laubenstein
Mother of Runes ULG Creature — Human Cleric U Scott M. Fischer
Opal Avenger ULG Enchantment R Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Opal Champion ULG Enchantment C Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Peace and Quiet ULG Instant U Don Hazeltine
Planar Collapse ULG Enchantment R Mark Zug
Purify ULG Sorcery R John Avon
Radiant, Archangel ULG Legendary Creature — Angel R Michael Sutfin
Radiant's Dragoons ULG Creature — Human Soldier U Pete Venters
Radiant's Judgment ULG Instant C Greg Staples
Sustainer of the Realm ULG Creature — Angel U Greg Staples
Tragic Poet ULG Creature — Human C Quinton Hoover
Anthroplasm ULG Creature — Shapeshifter R Ron Spencer
Archivist ULG Creature — Human Wizard R Pete Venters
Aura Flux ULG Enchantment C John Avon
Bouncing Beebles ULG Creature — Beeble C Jeff Miracola
Cloud of Faeries ULG Creature — Faerie C Melissa A. Benson
Delusions of Mediocrity ULG Enchantment R Jeff Laubenstein
Fleeting Image ULG Creature — Illusion R Scott M. Fischer
Frantic Search ULG Instant C Jeff Miracola
Intervene ULG Instant C Heather Hudson
King Crab ULG Creature — Crab U Daniel Gelon
Levitation ULG Enchantment U Heather Hudson
Miscalculation ULG Instant C Jeff Laubenstein
Opportunity ULG Instant U Ron Spears
Palinchron ULG Creature — Illusion R Matthew D. Wilson
Raven Familiar ULG Creature — Bird U Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Rebuild ULG Instant U Allen Williams
Second Chance ULG Enchantment R Mark Tedin
Slow Motion ULG Enchantment — Aura C Todd Lockwood
Snap ULG Instant C Mike Raabe
Thornwind Faeries ULG Creature — Faerie C Rebecca Guay
Tinker ULG Sorcery U Mike Raabe
Vigilant Drake ULG Creature — Drake C Greg Staples
Walking Sponge ULG Creature — Sponge U Ron Spencer
Weatherseed Faeries ULG Creature — Faerie C Don Hazeltine
Bone Shredder ULG Creature — Minion U Ron Spencer
Brink of Madness ULG Enchantment R Donato Giancola
Engineered Plague ULG Enchantment U Michael Sutfin
Eviscerator ULG Creature — Horror R Michael Sutfin
Fog of Gnats ULG Creature — Insect C Jeff Miracola
Giant Cockroach ULG Creature — Insect C Heather Hudson
Lurking Skirge ULG Enchantment R Daren Bader
No Mercy ULG Enchantment R Mark Tedin
Ostracize ULG Sorcery C Chippy
Phyrexian Broodlings ULG Creature — Minion C Daren Bader
Phyrexian Debaser ULG Creature — Carrier C Mark Tedin
Phyrexian Defiler ULG Creature — Carrier U DiTerlizzi
Phyrexian Denouncer ULG Creature — Carrier C Brian Snõddy
Phyrexian Plaguelord ULG Creature — Carrier R Kev Walker
Phyrexian Reclamation ULG Enchantment U rk post
Plague Beetle ULG Creature — Insect C Tom Fleming
Rank and File ULG Creature — Zombie U Donato Giancola
Sick and Tired ULG Instant C Val Mayerik
Sleeper's Guile ULG Enchantment — Aura C Daren Bader
Subversion ULG Enchantment R Rob Alexander
Swat ULG Instant C Daren Bader
Tethered Skirge ULG Creature — Imp U Brian Snõddy
Treacherous Link ULG Enchantment — Aura U Carl Critchlow
Unearth ULG Sorcery C Don Hazeltine
About Face ULG Instant C Melissa A. Benson
Avalanche Riders ULG Creature — Human Nomad U Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Defender of Chaos ULG Creature — Human Knight C Carl Critchlow
Ghitu Fire-Eater ULG Creature — Human Nomad U Melissa A. Benson
Ghitu Slinger ULG Creature — Human Nomad C Melissa A. Benson
Ghitu War Cry ULG Enchantment U Douglas Shuler
Goblin Medics ULG Creature — Goblin Shaman C Jeff Laubenstein
Goblin Welder ULG Creature — Goblin Artificer R Scott M. Fischer
Granite Grip ULG Enchantment — Aura C Mike Raabe
Impending Disaster ULG Enchantment R Pete Venters
Last-Ditch Effort ULG Instant U Dan Frazier
Lava Axe ULG Sorcery C Brian Snõddy
Molten Hydra ULG Creature — Hydra R Greg Staples
Parch ULG Instant C Ron Spencer
Pygmy Pyrosaur ULG Creature — Lizard C Dan Frazier
Pyromancy ULG Enchantment R Quinton Hoover
Rack and Ruin ULG Instant U Donato Giancola
Rivalry ULG Enchantment R Brian Snõddy
Shivan Phoenix ULG Creature — Phoenix R Daren Bader
Sluggishness ULG Enchantment — Aura C Pete Venters
Viashino Bey ULG Creature — Viashino C Bradley Williams
Viashino Cutthroat ULG Creature — Viashino U Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Viashino Heretic ULG Creature — Viashino U Douglas Shuler
Viashino Sandscout ULG Creature — Viashino Scout C Scott M. Fischer
Bloated Toad ULG Creature — Frog U Una Fricker
Crop Rotation ULG Instant C DiTerlizzi
Darkwatch Elves ULG Creature — Elf U Don Hazeltine
Defense of the Heart ULG Enchantment R Rebecca Guay
Deranged Hermit ULG Creature — Elf R Kev Walker
Gang of Elk ULG Creature — Elk Beast U Una Fricker
Harmonic Convergence ULG Instant U John Avon
Hidden Gibbons ULG Enchantment R Una Fricker
Lone Wolf ULG Creature — Wolf U Una Fricker
Might of Oaks ULG Instant R Ron Spencer
Multani, Maro-Sorcerer ULG Legendary Creature — Elemental R Daren Bader
Multani's Acolyte ULG Creature — Elf C Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Multani's Presence ULG Enchantment U Scott M. Fischer
Rancor ULG Enchantment — Aura C Kev Walker
Repopulate ULG Instant C Una Fricker
Silk Net ULG Instant C Rob Alexander
Simian Grunts ULG Creature — Ape C Pete Venters
Treefolk Mystic ULG Creature — Treefolk C DiTerlizzi
Weatherseed Elf ULG Creature — Elf C Heather Hudson
Weatherseed Treefolk ULG Creature — Treefolk R Heather Hudson
Wing Snare ULG Sorcery U Henry Van Der Linde
Yavimaya Granger ULG Creature — Elf C Henry Van Der Linde
Yavimaya Scion ULG Creature — Treefolk C DiTerlizzi
Yavimaya Wurm ULG Creature — Wurm C Melissa A. Benson
Angel's Trumpet ULG Artifact U Kev Walker
Beast of Burden ULG Artifact Creature — Golem R Ron Spears
Crawlspace ULG Artifact R Douglas Shuler
Damping Engine ULG Artifact R rk post
Defense Grid ULG Artifact R Mark Tedin
Grim Monolith ULG Artifact R Chippy
Iron Maiden ULG Artifact R Tom Wänerstrand
Jhoira's Toolbox ULG Artifact Creature — Insect U Mike Raabe
Memory Jar ULG Artifact R Donato Giancola
Quicksilver Amulet ULG Artifact R Douglas Shuler
Ring of Gix ULG Artifact R Mark Tedin
Scrapheap ULG Artifact R Bradley Williams
Thran Lens ULG Artifact R Allen Williams
Thran War Machine ULG Artifact Creature — Construct U Pete Venters
Thran Weaponry ULG Artifact R Anthony S. Waters
Ticking Gnomes ULG Artifact Creature — Gnome U Henry Van Der Linde
Urza's Blueprints ULG Artifact R Tom Wänerstrand
Wheel of Torture ULG Artifact R Henry Van Der Linde
Faerie Conclave ULG Land U Val Mayerik
Forbidding Watchtower ULG Land U Mark Brill
Ghitu Encampment ULG Land U Don Hazeltine
Spawning Pool ULG Land U Rob Alexander
Treetop Village ULG Land U Anthony S. Waters