Ancient Sanctuary (AST)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


The End of Anubis AST Fiend/ Effect ScR
Gogiga Gagagigo AST Reptile/ Normal C
Warrior of Zera AST Warrior/ Normal SP
Sealmaster Meisei AST Spellcaster/ Normal R
Mystical Shine Ball AST Fairy/ Normal C
Metal Armored Bug AST Insect/ Normal C
The Agent of Judgment - Saturn AST Fairy/ Effect UR
The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury AST Fairy/ Effect R
The Agent of Creation - Venus AST Fairy/ Effect R
The Agent of Force - Mars AST Fairy/ Effect SR
The Unhappy Girl AST Spellcaster/ Effect SP
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower AST Zombie/ Effect R
The Kick Man AST Zombie/ Effect C
Vampire Lady AST Zombie/ Effect C
Stone Statue of the Aztecs AST Rock/ Effect SR
Rocket Jumper AST Rock/ Effect C
Avatar of The Pot AST Rock/ Effect R
Legendary Jujitsu Master AST Rock/ Effect C
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress AST Machine/ Effect UR
KA-2 Des Scissors AST Machine/ Effect SP
Needle Burrower AST Machine/ Effect SR
Sonic Jammer AST Machine/ Effect C
Blowback Dragon AST Machine/ Effect UR
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch AST Thunder/ Effect SR
Atomic Firefly AST Insect/ Effect C
Mermaid Knight AST Aqua/ Effect C
Piranha Army AST Fish/ Effect C
Two Thousand Needles AST Beast/ Effect C
Disc Fighter AST Warrior/ Effect C
Arcane Archer of the Forest AST Warrior/ Effect C
Lady Ninja Yae AST Warrior/ Effect SP
Goblin King AST Fiend/ Effect C
Solar Flare Dragon AST Pyro/ Effect C
White Magician Pikeru AST Spellcaster/ Effect SP
Archlord Zerato AST Fairy/ Effect UR
Opti-Camouflage Armor AST Spell - Equip SP
Mystik Wok AST Spell - Quick-Play C
Enemy Controller AST Spell - Quick-Play UR
Burst Stream of Destruction AST Spell - Normal UR
Monster Gate AST Spell - Normal C
Amplifier AST Spell - Equip SR
Weapon Change AST Spell - Continuous C
The Sanctuary in the Sky AST Spell - Field SR
Earthquake AST Spell - Normal C
Talisman of Trap Sealing AST Spell - Continuous R
Goblin Thief AST Spell - Normal C
Backfire AST Trap - Continuous C
Micro Ray AST Trap - Normal C
Light of Judgment AST Trap - Normal C
Talisman of Spell Sealing AST Trap - Continuous R
Wall of Revealing Light AST Trap - Continuous C
Solar Ray AST Trap - Normal C
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation AST Trap - Continuous C
Beckoning Light AST Trap - Normal C
Draining Shield AST Trap - Normal R
Armor Break AST Trap - Counter SP
Gigobyte AST Reptile/ Normal SP
Mokey Mokey AST Fairy/ Normal SSP
Kozaky AST Fiend/ Normal SP
Fiend Scorpion AST Insect/ Normal C
Pharaoh's Servant AST Zombie/ Normal SP
Pharaonic Protector AST Zombie/ Normal SP
Spirit of the Pharaoh AST Zombie/ Effect UR
Theban Nightmare AST Fiend/ Effect R
Aswan Apparition AST Fiend/ Effect C
Protector of the Sanctuary AST Fiend/ Effect C
Nubian Guard AST Warrior/ Effect C
Legacy Hunter AST Warrior/ Effect SR
Desertapir AST Beast/ Effect SP
Sand Gambler AST Spellcaster/ Effect C
3-Hump Lacooda AST Beast/ Effect C
Ghost Knight of Jackal AST Beast/Warrior/ Effect UR
Absorbing Kid from the Sky AST Fairy/ Effect C
Elephant Statue of Blessing AST Rock/ Effect SP
Elephant Statue of Disaster AST Rock/ Effect SP
Spirit Caller AST Spellcaster/ Effect C
Emissary of the Afterlife AST Fiend/ Effect SR
Grave Protector AST Fiend/ Effect R
Double Coston AST Zombie/ Effect R
Regenerating Mummy AST Zombie/ Effect C
Night Assailant AST Fiend/ Effect SP
Man-Thro' Tro' AST Beast/Warrior/ Effect SP
King of the Swamp AST Aqua/ Effect R
Emissary of the Oasis AST Spellcaster/ Effect C
Special Hurricane AST Spell - Normal R
Order to Charge AST Spell - Quick-Play SP
Sword of the Soul-Eater AST Spell - Equip C
Dust Barrier AST Spell - Continuous C
Soul Reversal AST Spell - Quick-Play C
Spell Economics AST Spell - Continuous R
Blessings of the Nile AST Spell - Continuous C
7 AST Spell - Continuous SP
Level Limit - Area B AST Spell - Continuous SP
Enchanting Fitting Room AST Spell - Normal C
The Law of the Normal AST Spell - Normal C
Dark Magic Attack AST Spell - Normal UR
Delta Attacker AST Spell - Normal C
Thousand Energy AST Spell - Normal R
Triangle Power AST Spell - Normal R
The Third Sarcophagus AST Spell - Continuous SP
The Second Sarcophagus AST Spell - Continuous SP
The First Sarcophagus AST Trap - Continuous SR
Dora of Fate AST Trap - Normal C
Judgment of the Desert AST Trap - Continuous C
Human-Wave Tactics AST Trap - Continuous C
Curse of Anubis AST Trap - Normal UR
Desert Sunlight AST Trap - Normal C
Des Counterblow AST Trap - Continuous SR
Labyrinth of Nightmare AST Trap - Continuous C
Soul Resurrection AST Trap - Continuous R
Order to Smash AST Trap - Normal C
Mazera DeVille AST Fiend/ Effect ScR