Champion Pack: Game Five (CP05)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Fiend's Sanctuary CP05 Spell - Normal UR
Giant Germ CP05 Fiend/ Effect SR
Magical Merchant CP05 Insect/ Effect/Flip SR
Wave-Motion Cannon CP05 Spell - Continuous SR
Trap Dustshoot CP05 Trap - Normal SR
Dark Necrofear CP05 Fiend/ Effect R
Blowback Dragon CP05 Machine/ Effect R
Dark Ruler Ha Des CP05 Fiend/ Effect R
Deck Devastation Virus CP05 Trap - Normal R
Pulling the Rug CP05 Trap - Counter R
Anti-Spell Fragrance CP05 Trap - Continuous R
Amazon of the Seas CP05 Fish/ Normal C
Protector of the Sanctuary CP05 Fiend/ Effect C
Double Coston CP05 Zombie/ Effect C
Rescue Cat CP05 Beast/ Effect C
D.D. Crow CP05 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Hammer Shot CP05 Spell - Normal C
Thousand Knives CP05 Spell - Normal C
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell CP05 Trap - Counter C
Spirit Barrier CP05 Trap - Continuous C