Champion Pack: Game Six (CP06)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Rigorous Reaver CP06 Plant/ Effect UR
Destiny HERO - Fear Monger CP06 Warrior/ Effect SR
Old Vindictive Magician CP06 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip SR
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast CP06 Trap - Normal SR
Blaze Accelerator CP06 Spell - Continuous SR
Call of Darkness CP06 Trap - Continuous R
Blade Knight CP06 Warrior/ Effect R
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon CP06 Thunder/ Effect R
Elemental HERO Stratos CP06 Warrior/ Effect R
Helios Duo Megistus CP06 Pyro/ Effect R
Mage Power CP06 Spell - Equip R
Sentinel of the Seas CP06 Aqua/ Normal C
Batteryman AA CP06 Thunder/ Effect C
Theban Nightmare CP06 Fiend/ Effect C
Majestic Mech - Ohka CP06 Fairy/ Effect C
Soul of Purity and Light CP06 Fairy/ Effect C
Amplifier CP06 Spell - Equip C
Cold Wave CP06 Spell - Normal C
Magical Hats CP06 Trap - Normal C
Dimension Wall CP06 Trap - Normal C