Champion Pack: Game Two (CP02)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Magical Stone Excavation CP02 Spell - Normal UR
Nimble Momonga CP02 Beast/ Effect SR
Magician of Faith CP02 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip SR
Pyramid Turtle CP02 Zombie/ Effect SR
Smashing Ground CP02 Spell - Normal SR
Kuriboh CP02 Fiend/ Effect R
Abyss Soldier CP02 Aqua/ Effect R
Ring of Destruction CP02 Trap - Normal R
Morphing Jar CP02 Rock/ Effect/Flip R
Dark Master - Zorc CP02 Fiend/ Effect/ Ritual R
Magical Dimension CP02 Spell - Quick-Play R
Happy Lover CP02 Fairy/ Normal C
Rush Recklessly CP02 Spell - Quick-Play C
Ceasefire CP02 Trap - Normal C
Thunder Dragon CP02 Thunder/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Behemoth CP02 Dragon/ Effect C
Book of Taiyou CP02 Spell - Normal C
Terraforming CP02 Spell - Normal C
Big Bang Shot CP02 Spell - Equip C
Stray Lambs CP02 Spell - Normal C