Dark Beginning 1 (DB1)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Penguin Knight DB1 Aqua/ Effect C
Axe of Despair DB1 Spell - Equip R
Black Pendant DB1 Spell - Equip R
Horn of Light DB1 Spell - Equip C
Malevolent Nuzzler DB1 Spell - Equip C
Spellbinding Circle DB1 Trap - Continuous R
Electric Snake DB1 Thunder/ Effect C
Ameba DB1 Aqua/ Effect C
Maha Vailo DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Minar DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Griggle DB1 Plant/ Effect C
Hiro's Shadow Scout DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Invader of the Throne DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Slot Machine DB1 Machine/ Normal C
Relinquished DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect/ Ritual SR
Red Archery Girl DB1 Aqua/ Normal C
Gravekeeper's Servant DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Upstart Goblin DB1 Spell - Normal C
Toll DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Final Destiny DB1 Spell - Normal C
Snatch Steal DB1 Spell - Equip UR
Chorus of Sanctuary DB1 Spell - Field C
Confiscation DB1 Spell - Normal C
Delinquent Duo DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Fairy's Hand Mirror DB1 Trap - Normal C
Tailor of the Fickle DB1 Spell - Quick-Play C
Rush Recklessly DB1 Spell - Quick-Play C
The Reliable Guardian DB1 Spell - Quick-Play C
The Forceful Sentry DB1 Spell - Normal R
Chain Energy DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Mystical Space Typhoon DB1 Spell - Quick-Play SR
Giant Trunade DB1 Spell - Normal R
Painful Choice DB1 Spell - Normal C
Horn of the Unicorn DB1 Spell - Equip C
Labyrinth Wall DB1 Rock/ Normal C
Eternal Rest DB1 Spell - Normal C
Megamorph DB1 Spell - Equip SR
Manga Ryu-Ran DB1 Dragon/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Mermaid DB1 Aqua/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Summoned Skull DB1 Fiend/ Effect/Toon R
Hyozanryu DB1 Dragon/ Normal C
Toon World DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Cyber Jar DB1 Rock/ Effect R
Banisher of the Light DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
Giant Rat DB1 Beast/ Effect R
Senju of the Thousand Hands DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
UFO Turtle DB1 Machine/ Effect C
Flash Assailant DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Karate Man DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Giant Germ DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Nimble Momonga DB1 Beast/ Effect R
Shining Angel DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
Mother Grizzly DB1 Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Flying Kamakiri #1 DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Ceremonial Bell DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Sonic Bird DB1 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Mystic Tomato DB1 Plant/ Effect R
Kotodama DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
Gaia Power DB1 Spell - Field C
Umiiruka DB1 Spell - Field C
Molten Destruction DB1 Spell - Field C
Rising Air Current DB1 Spell - Field C
Luminous Spark DB1 Spell - Field C
Mystic Plasma Zone DB1 Spell - Field C
Messenger of Peace DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon DB1 Dragon/ Effect/Toon SR
Jinzo DB1 Machine/ Effect UR
Parasite Paracide DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Lightforce Sword DB1 Trap - Normal C
Chain Destruction DB1 Trap - Normal C
Time Seal DB1 Trap - Normal C
Graverobber DB1 Trap - Normal C
Gift of The Mystical Elf DB1 Trap - Normal C
The Eye of Truth DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Dust Tornado DB1 Trap - Normal R
Call of the Haunted DB1 Trap - Continuous SR
Enchanted Javelin DB1 Trap - Normal C
Mirror Wall DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Numinous Healer DB1 Trap - Normal C
Forced Requisition DB1 Trap - Continuous C
DNA Surgery DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Backup Soldier DB1 Trap - Normal C
Ceasefire DB1 Trap - Normal SR
Light of Intervention DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Respect Play DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Imperial Order DB1 Trap - Continuous UR
Magical Hats DB1 Trap - Normal R
Nobleman of Crossout DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Nobleman of Extermination DB1 Spell - Normal C
The Shallow Grave DB1 Spell - Normal C
Premature Burial DB1 Spell - Equip SR
Morphing Jar #2 DB1 Rock/ Effect R
Kiseitai DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Sky Scout DB1 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Buster Blader DB1 Warrior/ Effect SR
Dark Sage DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Big Shield Gardna DB1 Warrior/ Effect UR
Blue-Eyes White Dragon DB1 Dragon/ Normal UR
Hitotsu-Me Giant DB1 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Flame Swordsman DB1 Warrior/ Fusion R
Skull Servant DB1 Zombie/ Normal C
Dark Magician DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Gaia The Fierce Knight DB1 Warrior/ Normal R
Celtic Guardian DB1 Warrior/ Normal C
Mammoth Graveyard DB1 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Silver Fang DB1 Beast/ Normal C
Flame Manipulator DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Dark King of the Abyss DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
Aqua Madoor DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman DB1 Warrior/ Normal C
Dragon Capture Jar DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Umi DB1 Spell - Field C
Dark Hole DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Raigeki DB1 Spell - Normal UR
Red Medicine DB1 Spell - Normal C
Hinotama DB1 Spell - Normal C
Fissure DB1 Spell - Normal R
Trap Hole DB1 Trap - Normal R
Polymerization DB1 Spell - Normal C
Mystical Elf DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Beaver Warrior DB1 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Gaia the Dragon Champion DB1 Dragon/ Fusion R
Curse of Dragon DB1 Dragon/ Normal C
Giant Soldier of Stone DB1 Rock/ Normal C
Uraby DB1 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Red-Eyes Black Dragon DB1 Dragon/ Normal SR
Reaper of the Cards DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Stop Defense DB1 Spell - Normal C
Swords of Revealing Light DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Armed Ninja DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Man-Eater Bug DB1 Insect/ Effect/Flip R
Hane-Hane DB1 Beast/ Effect C
Monster Reborn DB1 Spell - Normal UR
Pot of Greed DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Right Leg of the Forbidden One DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Left Leg of the Forbidden One DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Right Arm of the Forbidden One DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Left Arm of the Forbidden One DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Exodia the Forbidden One DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Feral Imp DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 DB1 Dragon/ Normal C
Summoned Skull DB1 Fiend/ Normal SR
Armored Lizard DB1 Reptile/ Normal C
Larvae Moth DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Harpie Lady DB1 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Harpie Lady Sisters DB1 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Kojikocy DB1 Warrior/ Normal C
Cocoon of Evolution DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Armored Zombie DB1 Zombie/ Normal C
Mask of Darkness DB1 Fiend/ Effect/Flip C
White Magical Hat DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Big Eye DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Black Skull Dragon DB1 Dragon/ Fusion SR
Masked Sorcerer DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Petit Moth DB1 Insect/ Normal C
Elegant Egotist DB1 Spell - Normal C
Sanga of the Thunder DB1 Thunder/ Effect C
Kazejin DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Suijin DB1 Aqua/ Effect C
Mystic Lamp DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Blast Juggler DB1 Machine/ Effect C
Jinzo #7 DB1 Machine/ Effect C
Magician of Faith DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip R
Fake Trap DB1 Trap - Normal C
Tribute to The Doomed DB1 Spell - Normal R
Soul Release DB1 Spell - Normal C
The Cheerful Coffin DB1 Spell - Normal C
Change of Heart DB1 Spell - Normal UR
Makyura the Destructor DB1 Warrior/ Effect SR
Exchange DB1 Spell - Normal SR
Minor Goblin Official DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Gamble DB1 Trap - Normal C
Attack and Receive DB1 Trap - Normal C
Solemn Wishes DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Skull Invitation DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Bubonic Vermin DB1 Beast/ Effect C
Burning Land DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Fairy Meteor Crush DB1 Spell - Equip R
Limiter Removal DB1 Spell - Quick-Play R
Rain of Mercy DB1 Spell - Normal C
Monster Recovery DB1 Spell - Quick-Play C
Shift DB1 Trap - Normal C
Dimensionhole DB1 Spell - Normal C
Ground Collapse DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Magic Drain DB1 Trap - Counter R
Infinite Dismissal DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Gravity Bind DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Type Zero Magic Crusher DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Shadow of Eyes DB1 Trap - Normal C
The Legendary Fisherman DB1 Warrior/ Effect R
Sword Hunter DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Drill Bug DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Deepsea Warrior DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Thousand-Eyes Idol DB1 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Thousand-Eyes Restrict DB1 Spellcaster/ Effect/ Fusion UR
Hayabusa Knight DB1 Warrior/ Effect R
Bombardment Beetle DB1 Insect/ Effect C
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom DB1 Insect/ Effect C
Gradius DB1 Machine/ Normal C
Vampire Baby DB1 Zombie/ Effect C
Mad Sword Beast DB1 Dinosaur/ Effect R
Goblin Attack Force DB1 Warrior/ Effect SR
The Fiend Megacyber DB1 Warrior/ Effect R
Gearfried the Iron Knight DB1 Warrior/ Effect R
Insect Barrier DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Swordsman of Landstar DB1 Warrior/ Normal C
Humanoid Slime DB1 Aqua/ Normal C
Worm Drake DB1 Reptile/ Normal C
Humanoid Worm Drake DB1 Aqua/ Fusion C
Revival Jam DB1 Aqua/ Effect C
Amphibian Beast DB1 Fish/ Normal C
Shining Abyss DB1 Fairy/ Normal C
Grand Tiki Elder DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
The Masked Beast DB1 Fiend/ Ritual SR
Melchid the Four-Face Beast DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
Nuvia the Wicked DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Chosen One DB1 Spell - Normal C
Mask of Weakness DB1 Trap - Normal C
Curse of the Masked Beast DB1 Spell - Ritual C
Mask of Dispel DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Mask of Restrict DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Mask of the Accursed DB1 Spell - Equip C
Mask of Brutality DB1 Spell - Equip C
Return of the Doomed DB1 Spell - Normal C
Lightning Blade DB1 Spell - Equip C
Tornado Wall DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Fairy Box DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Torrential Tribute DB1 Trap - Normal UR
Jam Breeding Machine DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Infinite Cards DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Jam Defender DB1 Trap - Continuous C
Card of Safe Return DB1 Spell - Continuous C
Amazoness Archer DB1 Warrior/ Effect C
Fire Princess DB1 Pyro/ Effect C
Spirit of the Breeze DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
Dancing Fairy DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
Cure Mermaid DB1 Fish/ Effect C
Hysteric Fairy DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
The Forgiving Maiden DB1 Fairy/ Effect C
St. Joan DB1 Fairy/ Fusion C
Darklord Marie DB1 Fiend/ Effect C
Jar of Greed DB1 Trap - Normal R
Scroll of Bewitchment DB1 Spell - Equip C
United We Stand DB1 Spell - Equip UR
Mage Power DB1 Spell - Equip UR
The Portrait's Secret DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
Headless Knight DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
Earthbound Spirit DB1 Fiend/ Normal C
The Earl of Demise DB1 Fiend/ Normal C