Dark Beginning 2 (DB2)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Jowgen the Spiritualist DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Bazoo the Soul-Eater DB2 Beast/ Effect R
Dark Necrofear DB2 Fiend/ Effect UR
Soul of Purity and Light DB2 Fairy/ Effect C
Aqua Spirit DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
The Rock Spirit DB2 Rock/ Effect C
Gilasaurus DB2 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Tornado Bird DB2 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Zombyra the Dark DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Maryokutai DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
The Last Warrior from Another Planet DB2 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Dark Spirit of the Silent DB2 Trap - Normal C
Royal Command DB2 Trap - Continuous R
Riryoku Field DB2 Trap - Counter R
Skull Lair DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Graverobber's Retribution DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Destruction Punch DB2 Trap - Normal C
Blind Destruction DB2 Trap - Continuous C
The Emperor's Holiday DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Destiny Board DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Spirit Message "I" DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Spirit Message "N" DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Spirit Message "A" DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Spirit Message "L" DB2 Spell - Continuous C
The Dark Door DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Spiritualism DB2 Spell - Normal R
Cyclon Laser DB2 Spell - Equip C
De-Fusion DB2 Spell - Quick-Play C
Fusion Gate DB2 Spell - Field R
Ekibyo Drakmord DB2 Spell - Equip C
Miracle Dig DB2 Spell - Normal C
Vengeful Bog Spirit DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Blade Knight DB2 Warrior/ Effect UR
Baby Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Normal C
Blackland Fire Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Normal C
Battle Steer DB2 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Time Wizard DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Saggi the Dark Clown DB2 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Dragon Piper DB2 Pyro/ Effect C
Illusionist Faceless Mage DB2 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Sangan DB2 Fiend/ Effect R
Great Moth DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Kuriboh DB2 Fiend/ Effect R
Thousand Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Fusion C
King of Yamimakai DB2 Fiend/ Normal C
Catapult Turtle DB2 Aqua/ Effect SR
Mystic Horseman DB2 Beast/ Normal C
Rabid Horseman DB2 Beast/Warrior/ Fusion C
Crass Clown DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Dream Clown DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Princess of Tsurugi DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Tremendous Fire DB2 Spell - Normal C
Jirai Gumo DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Shadow Ghoul DB2 Zombie/ Effect C
Ryu-Kishin Powered DB2 Fiend/ Normal C
Launcher Spider DB2 Machine/ Normal C
Thunder Dragon DB2 Thunder/ Effect C
The Immortal of Thunder DB2 Thunder/ Effect C
Hoshiningen DB2 Fairy/ Effect C
Cannon Soldier DB2 Machine/ Effect SR
Muka Muka DB2 Rock/ Effect C
The Bistro Butcher DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Star Boy DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
Milus Radiant DB2 Beast/ Effect C
Witch of the Black Forest DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Little Chimera DB2 Beast/ Effect C
Bladefly DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon DB2 Thunder/ Fusion C
Witch's Apprentice DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts DB2 Beast/ Normal C
Barrel Dragon DB2 Machine/ Effect UR
Solemn Judgment DB2 Trap - Counter SR
Magic Jammer DB2 Trap - Counter SR
Seven Tools of the Bandit DB2 Trap - Counter SR
Horn of Heaven DB2 Trap - Counter R
Shield & Sword DB2 Spell - Normal C
Block Attack DB2 Spell - Normal C
The Unhappy Maiden DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Robbin' Goblin DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Mirror Force DB2 Trap - Normal SR
Ring of Magnetism DB2 Spell - Equip R
Share the Pain DB2 Spell - Normal C
Heavy Storm DB2 Spell - Normal SR
Wattkid DB2 Thunder/ Normal C
Soul of the Pure DB2 Spell - Normal C
Dark-Piercing Light DB2 Spell - Normal C
The Statue of Easter Island DB2 Rock/ Normal C
Shining Friendship DB2 Fairy/ Normal C
The Wicked Worm Beast DB2 Beast/ Effect C
Tiger Axe DB2 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Axe Raider DB2 Warrior/ Normal C
Mechanicalchaser DB2 Machine/ Normal C
Gemini Elf DB2 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Graceful Charity DB2 Spell - Normal R
Two-Headed King Rex DB2 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Goddess with the Third Eye DB2 Fairy/ Effect C
Lord of the Lamp DB2 Fiend/ Normal C
Machine King DB2 Machine/ Effect C
Cyber-Stein DB2 Machine/ Effect R
Dragon Seeker DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Needle Worm DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Greenkappa DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Morphing Jar DB2 Rock/ Effect/Flip R
Penguin Soldier DB2 Aqua/ Effect R
Royal Decree DB2 Trap - Continuous SR
Magical Thorn DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Restructer Revolution DB2 Spell - Normal C
Fusion Sage DB2 Spell - Normal C
Total Defense Shogun DB2 Warrior/ Effect SR
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight DB2 Warrior/ Effect UR
Obnoxious Celtic Guard DB2 Warrior/ Effect UR
Luminous Soldier DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Command Knight DB2 Warrior/ Effect SR
Kaiser Sea Horse DB2 Sea Serpent/ Effect C
Vampire Lord DB2 Zombie/ Effect UR
Toon Goblin Attack Force DB2 Warrior/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Cannon Soldier DB2 Machine/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Gemini Elf DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Masked Sorcerer DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Table of Contents DB2 Spell - Normal C
Toon Defense DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Insect Queen DB2 Insect/ Effect UR
Dark Ruler Ha Des DB2 Fiend/ Effect UR
Dark Balter the Terrible DB2 Fiend/ Effect/ Fusion R
Lesser Fiend DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Possessed Dark Soul DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Winged Minion DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Skull Knight #2 DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Wolf DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Opticlops DB2 Fiend/ Normal C
Bark of Dark Ruler DB2 Trap - Normal C
Fatal Abacus DB2 Trap - Continuous C
The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler DB2 Spell - Normal C
Soul Demolition DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Double Snare DB2 Spell - Normal C
Freed the Matchless General DB2 Warrior/ Effect UR
Marauding Captain DB2 Warrior/ Effect R
Ryu Senshi DB2 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion R
Warrior Dai Grepher DB2 Warrior/ Normal C
Mysterious Guard DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Frontier Wiseman DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Exiled Force DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Shadow Tamer DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Dragon Manipulator DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
The A. Forces DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Reinforcement of the Army DB2 Spell - Normal R
Array of Revealing Light DB2 Spell - Field C
The Warrior Returning Alive DB2 Spell - Normal C
Emergency Provisions DB2 Spell - Quick-Play R
Tyrant Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect UR
Spear Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect SR
Spirit Ryu DB2 Dragon/ Effect C
Fiend Skull Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion R
Cave Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect C
Gray Wing DB2 Dragon/ Effect C
Troop Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect C
The Dragon's Bead DB2 Trap - Continuous C
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon DB2 Spell - Normal C
Dragon's Gunfire DB2 Spell - Normal C
Stamping Destruction DB2 Spell - Normal C
Super Rejuvenation DB2 Spell - Quick-Play C
Dragon's Rage DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Burst Breath DB2 Trap - Normal C
Luster Dragon #2 DB2 Dragon/ Normal C
Fiber Jar DB2 Plant/ Effect R
Serpentine Princess DB2 Reptile/ Effect C
Patrician of Darkness DB2 Zombie/ Effect C
Thunder Nyan Nyan DB2 Thunder/ Effect R
Gradius' Option DB2 Machine/ Effect C
Injection Fairy Lily DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Woodland Sprite DB2 Plant/ Effect C
Airknight Parshath DB2 Fairy/ Effect SR
Twin-Headed Behemoth DB2 Dragon/ Effect C
Maharaghi DB2 Rock/ Effect/Spirit C
Inaba White Rabbit DB2 Beast/ Effect/Spirit C
Yata-Garasu DB2 Fiend/ Effect/Spirit C
Susa Soldier DB2 Thunder/ Effect/Spirit SR
Yamata Dragon DB2 Dragon/ Effect/Spirit SR
Great Long Nose DB2 Beast/Warrior/ Effect/Spirit C
Otohime DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect/Spirit C
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi DB2 Pyro/ Effect/Spirit UR
Asura Priest DB2 Fairy/ Effect/Spirit C
Fushi No Tori DB2 Winged Beast/ Effect/Spirit C
Spring of Rebirth DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Heart of Clear Water DB2 Spell - Equip C
A Legendary Ocean DB2 Spell - Field C
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade DB2 Spell - Equip C
Smoke Grenade of the Thief DB2 Spell - Equip C
Creature Swap DB2 Spell - Normal SR
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Second Coin Toss DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Convulsion of Nature DB2 Spell - Continuous C
The Secret of the Bandit DB2 Spell - Normal C
After the Struggle DB2 Spell - Normal C
Magic Reflector DB2 Spell - Normal C
Blast with Chain DB2 Trap - Normal R
Disappear DB2 Trap - Normal C
Bubble Crash DB2 Trap - Normal C
Royal Oppression DB2 Trap - Continuous R
Bottomless Trap Hole DB2 Trap - Normal C
Bad Reaction to Simochi DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Ominous Fortunetelling DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Spirit's Invitation DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Drop Off DB2 Trap - Normal C
Last Turn DB2 Trap - Normal R
King Tiger Wanghu DB2 Beast/ Effect C
Birdface DB2 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Kryuel DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Arsenal Bug DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Maiden of the Aqua DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
Jowls of Dark Demise DB2 Fiend/ Effect C
Mucus Yolk DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
Moisture Creature DB2 Fairy/ Effect C
Gora Turtle DB2 Aqua/ Effect C
Sasuke Samurai DB2 Warrior/ Effect R
Dark Dust Spirit DB2 Zombie/ Effect/Spirit C
Royal Keeper DB2 Zombie/ Effect C
Wandering Mummy DB2 Zombie/ Effect C
Great Dezard DB2 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Swarm of Scarabs DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Swarm of Locusts DB2 Insect/ Effect C
Giant Axe Mummy DB2 Zombie/ Effect C
Guardian Sphinx DB2 Rock/ Effect UR
Pyramid Turtle DB2 Zombie/ Effect R
Dice Jar DB2 Rock/ Effect C
Dark Scorpion Burglars DB2 Warrior/ Effect C
Don Zaloog DB2 Warrior/ Effect SR
Fushioh Richie DB2 Zombie/ Effect UR
Book of Life DB2 Spell - Normal SR
Book of Taiyou DB2 Spell - Normal C
Book of Moon DB2 Spell - Quick-Play C
Mirage of Nightmare DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Secret Pass to the Treasures DB2 Spell - Normal C
Call of the Mummy DB2 Spell - Continuous C
Timidity DB2 Spell - Normal C
Pyramid Energy DB2 Spell - Quick-Play C
Tutan Mask DB2 Trap - Counter C
Ordeal of a Traveler DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Bottomless Shifting Sand DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Curse of Royal DB2 Trap - Counter C
Needle Ceiling DB2 Trap - Normal C
Statue of the Wicked DB2 Trap - Normal R
Dark Coffin DB2 Trap - Normal C
Needle Wall DB2 Trap - Continuous C
Trap Dustshoot DB2 Trap - Normal C
Reckless Greed DB2 Trap - Normal C
Pharaoh's Treasure DB2 Trap - Normal C
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth DB2 Insect/ Effect UR
Black Illusion Ritual DB2 Spell - Ritual C