Duelist League 13 (DL13)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Armed Ninja DL13 Warrior/ Effect R
Shining Angel DL13 Fairy/ Effect R
Flying Kamakiri #1 DL13 Insect/ Effect R
Crimson Ninja DL13 Warrior/ Effect R
Strike Ninja DL13 Warrior/ Effect R
Pinch Hopper DL13 Insect/ Effect R
Howling Insect DL13 Insect/ Effect R
Granmarg the Rock Monarch DL13 Rock/ Effect R
White Ninja DL13 Warrior/ Effect R
Ultimate Tyranno DL13 Dinosaur/ Effect R
Black Stego DL13 Dinosaur/ Effect R
Babycerasaurus DL13 Dinosaur/ Effect R
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness DL13 Fiend/ Effect R
Insect Barrier DL13 Spell - Continuous R
Dark Factory of Mass Production DL13 Spell - Normal R
Ancient Rules DL13 Spell - Normal R
Zombie World DL13 Spell - Field R
Fossil Dig DL13 Spell - Normal R
Ultimate Offering DL13 Trap - Continuous R
Magic Drain DL13 Trap - Counter R