Duelist League 18 (DL18)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Catapult Turtle DL18 Aqua/ Effect R
Penguin Soldier DL18 Aqua/ Effect R
Dark Magician Girl DL18 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Ancient Gear Golem DL18 Machine/ Effect R
Dandylion DL18 Plant/ Effect R
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World DL18 Fiend/ Effect R
Geargiano Mk-II DL18 Machine/ Effect R
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon DL18 Beast/Warrior/ Effect R
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake DL18 Beast/Warrior/ Effect R
Gladiator Beast Essedarii DL18 Beast/ Effect/ Fusion R
Gold Sarcophagus DL18 Spell - Normal R
The World Tree DL18 Spell - Continuous R
Photon Booster DL18 Spell - Normal R
Fire Formation - Tenki DL18 Spell - Continuous R
DNA Surgery DL18 Trap - Continuous R
Torrential Tribute DL18 Trap - Normal R
Cyber Summon Blaster DL18 Trap - Continuous R
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow DL18 Trap - Normal R
Solemn Warning DL18 Trap - Counter R
Fire Formation - Tensen DL18 Trap - Continuous R