Duelist Pack - Yusei 3 (DP10)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Sonic Chick DP10 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Shield Wing DP10 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Stardust Xiaolong DP10 Dragon/ Effect C
Drill Synchron DP10 Machine/ Effect/Tuner C
Card Breaker DP10 Warrior/ Effect C
Second Booster DP10 Machine/ Effect C
Effect Veiler DP10 Spellcaster/ Effect/Tuner R
Dash Warrior DP10 Warrior/ Effect C
Damage Eater DP10 Fiend/ Effect C
A/D Changer DP10 Warrior/ Effect C
Stronghold Guardian DP10 Warrior/ Effect C
Boost Warrior DP10 Warrior/ Effect SR
Justice Bringer DP10 Warrior/ Effect UR
Bri Synchron DP10 Machine/ Effect/Tuner UR
Big One Warrior DP10 Warrior/ Effect SR
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste DP10 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Majestic Star Dragon DP10 Dragon/ Effect/ Synchro R
Drill Warrior DP10 Warrior/ Effect/ Synchro R
Cards of Consonance DP10 Spell - Normal C
Variety Comes Out DP10 Spell - Normal C
Blind Spot Strike DP10 Spell - Quick-Play C
Double Cyclone DP10 Spell - Quick-Play C
Battle Waltz DP10 Spell - Normal R
Synchro Gift DP10 Spell - Normal R
Starlight Road DP10 Trap - Normal R
Synchro Barrier DP10 Trap - Normal C
Power Frame DP10 Trap - Normal C
Desperate Tag DP10 Trap - Continuous C
Card of Sacrifice DP10 Trap - Normal R
Synchro Material DP10 Trap - Normal SR