Duel Terminal 5 (DT05)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Summoned Skull DT05 Fiend/ Normal DRPR
Cyberdark Keel DT05 Machine/ Effect DNPR
D.D. Crow DT05 Winged Beast/ Effect DNPR
Necro Gardna DT05 Warrior/ Effect DNPR
Level Eater DT05 Insect/ Effect DNPR
Spear Cretin DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Maha Vailo DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect DNPR
Nimble Momonga DT05 Beast/ Effect DNPR
Silent Swordsman LV3 DT05 Warrior/ Effect DNPR
Aussa the Earth Charmer DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip DNPR
Slate Warrior DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Gellenduo DT05 Fairy/ Effect DNPR
Card Ejector DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect DNPR
Elemental HERO Ocean DT05 Warrior/ Effect DNPR
Tualatin DT05 Fairy/ Effect DSPR
Gem-Knight Garnet DT05 Pyro/ Normal DNPR
Gem-Knight Sapphire DT05 Aqua/ Normal DNPR
Gem-Knight Tourmaline DT05 Thunder/ Normal DNPR
Gem-Knight Alexandrite DT05 Rock/ Effect DSPR
Gem-Armadillo DT05 Rock/ Effect DRPR
Gem-Merchant DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect DNPR
Laval Miller DT05 Pyro/ Effect DRPR
Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land DT05 Winged Beast/ Effect/Tuner DRPR
Laval Warrior DT05 Warrior/ Effect DRPR
Prominence, Molten Swordsman DT05 Beast/Warrior/ Effect DNPR
Laval Forest Sprite DT05 Pyro/ Effect/Tuner DNPR
Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith DT05 Rock/ Effect DNPR
Laval Burner DT05 Pyro/ Effect DNPR
Laval Judgment Lord DT05 Warrior/ Effect DSPR
Vylon Cube DT05 Machine/ Effect/Tuner DRPR
Vylon Vanguard DT05 Fairy/ Effect DNPR
Vylon Charger DT05 Fairy/ Effect DRPR
Vylon Soldier DT05 Fairy/ Effect DRPR
Gem-Knight Ruby DT05 Pyro/ Effect/ Fusion DUPR
Gem-Knight Aquamarine DT05 Aqua/ Effect/ Fusion DSPR
Gem-Knight Topaz DT05 Thunder/ Effect/ Fusion DUPR
Lavalval Dragon DT05 Dragon/ Effect/ Synchro DUPR
Laval the Greater DT05 Warrior/ Effect/ Synchro DSPR
Vylon Sigma DT05 Fairy/ Effect/ Synchro DSPR
Vylon Epsilon DT05 Fairy/ Effect/ Synchro DUPR
My Body as a Shield DT05 Spell - Quick-Play DNPR
Foolish Burial DT05 Spell - Normal DNPR
Gem-Knight Fusion DT05 Spell - Normal DNPR
Searing Fire Wall DT05 Spell - Quick-Play DNPR
Vylon Material DT05 Spell - Equip DRPR
Trap Stun DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR
Skill Successor DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR
Kunai with Chain DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR
Gem-Enhancement DT05 Trap - Normal DRPR
Molten Whirlwind Wall DT05 Trap - Continuous DNPR
Senju of the Thousand Hands DT05 Fairy/ Effect DNPR
Sonic Bird DT05 Winged Beast/ Effect DNPR
Kelbek DT05 Fairy/ Effect DNPR
Puppet Master DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
The Tricky DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect DNPR
Silent Swordsman LV5 DT05 Warrior/ Effect DSPR
Wynn the Wind Charmer DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip DNPR
Armed Dragon LV10 DT05 Dragon/ Effect DRPR
Volcanic Rocket DT05 Pyro/ Effect DNPR
Volcanic Counter DT05 Pyro/ Effect DNPR
Emperor Sem DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Krebons DT05 Psychic/ Effect/Tuner DNPR
Black Salvo DT05 Machine/ Effect/Tuner DNPR
Gishki Abyss DT05 Fish/ Effect DNPR
Gishki Vanity DT05 Aqua/ Effect DNPR
Gishki Marker DT05 Aqua/ Effect DRPR
Gishki Chain DT05 Sea Serpent/ Effect DSPR
Gishki Ariel DT05 Spellcaster/ Effect DNPR
Gishki Shadow DT05 Sea Serpent/ Effect DNPR
Gusto Gulldo DT05 Winged Beast/ Effect/Tuner DNPR
Gusto Egul DT05 Winged Beast/ Effect/Tuner DNPR
Gusto Thunbolt DT05 Thunder/ Effect DNPR
Winda, Priestess of Gusto DT05 Psychic/ Effect DNPR
Caam, Serenity of Gusto DT05 Psychic/ Effect DSPR
Windaar, Sage of Gusto DT05 Psychic/ Effect DRPR
Steelswarm Cell DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Steelswarm Scout DT05 Fiend/ Effect DRPR
Steelswarm Gatekeeper DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Steelswarm Caller DT05 Fiend/ Effect DRPR
Steelswarm Mantis DT05 Fiend/ Effect DNPR
Steelswarm Moth DT05 Fiend/ Effect DRPR
Steelswarm Girastag DT05 Fiend/ Effect DUPR
Steelswarm Caucastag DT05 Fiend/ Effect DUPR
Evigishki Mind Augus DT05 Aqua/ Effect/ Ritual DSPR
Evigishki Soul Ogre DT05 Aqua/ Effect/ Ritual DUPR
Cyberdark Dragon DT05 Machine/ Effect/ Fusion DRPR
Magical Android DT05 Psychic/ Effect/ Synchro DNPR
Thought Ruler Archfiend DT05 Psychic/ Effect/ Synchro DSPR
Daigusto Gulldos DT05 Psychic/ Effect/ Synchro DSPR
Daigusto Eguls DT05 Psychic/ Effect/ Synchro DUPR
Gishki Aquamirror DT05 Spell - Ritual DNPR
Contact with Gusto DT05 Spell - Normal DRPR
First Step Towards Infestation DT05 Spell - Quick-Play DNPR
Cyberdark Impact! DT05 Spell - Normal DNPR
Star Blast DT05 Spell - Normal DNPR
Aquamirror Meditation DT05 Trap - Normal DRPR
Blessings for Gusto DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR
Infestation Wave DT05 Trap - Normal DRPR
Blast Held by a Tribute DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR
Karma Cut DT05 Trap - Normal DNPR