Legacy of Darkness (LOD)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Yata-Garasu LOD Fiend/ Effect/Spirit ScR
Dark Ruler Ha Des LOD Fiend/ Effect UR
Dark Balter the Terrible LOD Fiend/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Lesser Fiend LOD Fiend/ Effect R
Possessed Dark Soul LOD Fiend/ Effect C
Winged Minion LOD Fiend/ Effect C
Skull Knight #2 LOD Fiend/ Effect C
Ryu-Kishin Clown LOD Fiend/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Wolf LOD Fiend/ Effect C
Opticlops LOD Fiend/ Normal R
Bark of Dark Ruler LOD Trap - Normal C
Fatal Abacus LOD Trap - Continuous R
Life Absorbing Machine LOD Trap - Continuous C
The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler LOD Spell - Normal C
Soul Demolition LOD Trap - Continuous C
Double Snare LOD Spell - Normal C
Freed the Matchless General LOD Warrior/ Effect UR
Throwstone Unit LOD Warrior/ Effect C
Marauding Captain LOD Warrior/ Effect UR
Ryu Senshi LOD Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Warrior Dai Grepher LOD Warrior/ Normal C
Mysterious Guard LOD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Frontier Wiseman LOD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Exiled Force LOD Warrior/ Effect SR
The Hunter with 7 Weapons LOD Warrior/ Effect C
Shadow Tamer LOD Warrior/ Effect R
Dragon Manipulator LOD Warrior/ Effect C
The A. Forces LOD Spell - Continuous R
Reinforcement of the Army LOD Spell - Normal SR
Array of Revealing Light LOD Spell - Field R
The Warrior Returning Alive LOD Spell - Normal R
Ready for Intercepting LOD Trap - Normal C
A Feint Plan LOD Trap - Normal C
Emergency Provisions LOD Spell - Quick-Play C
Tyrant Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect UR
Spear Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect SR
Spirit Ryu LOD Dragon/ Effect C
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave LOD Dragon/ Normal C
Lizard Soldier LOD Dragon/ Normal C
Fiend Skull Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Cave Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect SP
Gray Wing LOD Dragon/ Effect C
Troop Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect C
The Dragon's Bead LOD Trap - Continuous R
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon LOD Spell - Normal C
Dragon's Gunfire LOD Spell - Normal C
Stamping Destruction LOD Spell - Normal C
Super Rejuvenation LOD Spell - Quick-Play C
Dragon's Rage LOD Trap - Continuous C
Burst Breath LOD Trap - Normal C
Luster Dragon #2 LOD Dragon/ Normal SR
Robotic Knight LOD Machine/ Normal C
Wolf Axwielder LOD Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
The Illusory Gentleman LOD Spellcaster/ Normal C
Robolady LOD Machine/ Normal C
Roboyarou LOD Machine/ Normal C
Fiber Jar LOD Plant/ Effect UR
Serpentine Princess LOD Reptile/ Effect C
Patrician of Darkness LOD Zombie/ Effect C
Thunder Nyan Nyan LOD Thunder/ Effect R
Gradius' Option LOD Machine/ Effect C
Woodland Sprite LOD Plant/ Effect C
Airknight Parshath LOD Fairy/ Effect UR
Twin-Headed Behemoth LOD Dragon/ Effect SR
Maharaghi LOD Rock/ Effect/Spirit SP
Inaba White Rabbit LOD Beast/ Effect/Spirit SP
Susa Soldier LOD Thunder/ Effect/Spirit R
Yamata Dragon LOD Dragon/ Effect/Spirit UR
Great Long Nose LOD Beast/Warrior/ Effect/Spirit C
Otohime LOD Spellcaster/ Effect/Spirit SSP
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi LOD Pyro/ Effect/Spirit UR
Asura Priest LOD Fairy/ Effect/Spirit SR
Fushi No Tori LOD Winged Beast/ Effect/Spirit C
Super Robolady LOD Machine/ Effect/ Fusion C
Super Roboyarou LOD Machine/ Effect/ Fusion C
Fengsheng Mirror LOD Spell - Normal C
Spring of Rebirth LOD Spell - Continuous C
Heart of Clear Water LOD Spell - Equip C
A Legendary Ocean LOD Spell - Field C
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade LOD Spell - Equip R
Smoke Grenade of the Thief LOD Spell - Equip SP
Creature Swap LOD Spell - Normal UR
Spiritual Energy Settle Machine LOD Spell - Continuous C
Second Coin Toss LOD Spell - Continuous R
Convulsion of Nature LOD Spell - Continuous C
The Secret of the Bandit LOD Spell - Normal C
After the Struggle LOD Spell - Normal R
Magic Reflector LOD Spell - Normal R
Blast with Chain LOD Trap - Normal R
Disappear LOD Trap - Normal SP
Bubble Crash LOD Trap - Normal C
Royal Oppression LOD Trap - Continuous R
Bottomless Trap Hole LOD Trap - Normal R
Bad Reaction to Simochi LOD Trap - Continuous C
Ominous Fortunetelling LOD Trap - Continuous C
Spirit's Invitation LOD Trap - Continuous C
Nutrient Z LOD Trap - Normal C
Drop Off LOD Trap - Normal SR
Fiend Comedian LOD Trap - Normal C
Last Turn LOD Trap - Normal UR
Injection Fairy Lily LOD Spellcaster/ Effect ScR