Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (LOB)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Tri-Horned Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal ScR
Blue-Eyes White Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal UR
Hitotsu-Me Giant LOB Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Flame Swordsman LOB Warrior/ Fusion SR
Skull Servant LOB Zombie/ Normal C
Dark Magician LOB Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Gaia The Fierce Knight LOB Warrior/ Normal UR
Celtic Guardian LOB Warrior/ Normal SR
Basic Insect LOB Insect/ Normal C
Mammoth Graveyard LOB Dinosaur/ Normal C
Silver Fang LOB Beast/ Normal C
Dark Gray LOB Beast/ Normal C
Trial of Nightmare LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Nemuriko LOB Spellcaster/ Normal C
The 13th Grave LOB Zombie/ Normal C
Charubin the Fire Knight LOB Pyro/ Fusion R
Flame Manipulator LOB Spellcaster/ Normal C
Monster Egg LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Firegrass LOB Plant/ Normal C
Darkfire Dragon LOB Dragon/ Fusion R
Dark King of the Abyss LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Fiend Reflection #2 LOB Winged Beast/ Normal C
Fusionist LOB Beast/ Fusion R
Turtle Tiger LOB Aqua/ Normal C
Petit Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal C
Petit Angel LOB Fairy/ Normal C
Hinotama Soul LOB Pyro/ Normal C
Aqua Madoor LOB Spellcaster/ Normal R
Kagemusha of the Blue Flame LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Flame Ghost LOB Zombie/ Fusion R
Two-Mouth Darkruler LOB Dinosaur/ Normal C
Dissolverock LOB Rock/ Normal C
Root Water LOB Fish/ Normal C
The Furious Sea King LOB Aqua/ Normal C
Green Phantom King LOB Plant/ Normal C
Ray & Temperature LOB Fairy/ Normal C
King Fog LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Mystical Sheep #2 LOB Beast/ Normal C
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Kurama LOB Winged Beast/ Normal C
Legendary Sword LOB Spell - Equip SP
Beast Fangs LOB Spell - Equip SP
Violet Crystal LOB Spell - Equip SP
Book of Secret Arts LOB Spell - Equip SP
Power of Kaishin LOB Spell - Equip SP
Dragon Capture Jar LOB Trap - Continuous R
Forest LOB Spell - Field C
Wasteland LOB Spell - Field C
Mountain LOB Spell - Field C
Sogen LOB Spell - Field C
Umi LOB Spell - Field C
Yami LOB Spell - Field C
Dark Hole LOB Spell - Normal SR
Raigeki LOB Spell - Normal SR
Red Medicine LOB Spell - Normal C
Sparks LOB Spell - Normal C
Hinotama LOB Spell - Normal C
Fissure LOB Spell - Normal R
Trap Hole LOB Trap - Normal SR
Polymerization LOB Spell - Normal SR
Remove Trap LOB Spell - Normal C
Two-Pronged Attack LOB Trap - Normal R
Mystical Elf LOB Spellcaster/ Normal SR
Tyhone LOB Winged Beast/ Normal C
Beaver Warrior LOB Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Gravedigger Ghoul LOB Spell - Normal R
Curse of Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal SR
Karbonala Warrior LOB Warrior/ Fusion R
Giant Soldier of Stone LOB Rock/ Normal R
Uraby LOB Dinosaur/ Normal C
Red-Eyes Black Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal UR
Reaper of the Cards LOB Fiend/ Effect R
Witty Phantom LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Larvas LOB Beast/ Normal C
Hard Armor LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Man Eater LOB Plant/ Normal C
M-Warrior #1 LOB Warrior/ Normal C
M-Warrior #2 LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Spirit of the Harp LOB Fairy/ Normal R
Armaill LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Terra the Terrible LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Frenzied Panda LOB Beast/ Normal C
Kumootoko LOB Insect/ Normal C
Meda Bat LOB Fiend/ Normal C
Enchanting Mermaid LOB Fish/ Normal C
Fireyarou LOB Pyro/ Normal C
Dragoness the Wicked Knight LOB Warrior/ Fusion R
One-Eyed Shield Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal C
Dark Energy LOB Spell - Equip SP
Laser Cannon Armor LOB Spell - Equip SP
Vile Germs LOB Spell - Equip SP
Silver Bow and Arrow LOB Spell - Equip SP
Dragon Treasure LOB Spell - Equip SP
Electro-Whip LOB Spell - Equip C
Mystical Moon LOB Spell - Equip SP
Stop Defense LOB Spell - Normal R
Machine Conversion Factory LOB Spell - Equip SP
Raise Body Heat LOB Spell - Equip SP
Follow Wind LOB Spell - Equip SP
Goblin's Secret Remedy LOB Spell - Normal R
Final Flame LOB Spell - Normal R
Swords of Revealing Light LOB Spell - Normal SR
Metal Dragon LOB Machine/ Fusion R
Spike Seadra LOB Sea Serpent/ Normal C
Tripwire Beast LOB Thunder/ Normal C
Skull Red Bird LOB Winged Beast/ Normal C
Armed Ninja LOB Warrior/ Effect R
Flower Wolf LOB Beast/ Fusion R
Man-Eater Bug LOB Insect/ Effect/Flip SR
Sand Stone LOB Rock/ Normal C
Hane-Hane LOB Beast/ Effect R
Misairuzame LOB Fish/ Normal C
Steel Ogre Grotto #1 LOB Machine/ Normal C
Lesser Dragon LOB Dragon/ Normal C
Darkworld Thorns LOB Plant/ Normal C
Drooling Lizard LOB Reptile/ Normal C
Armored Starfish LOB Aqua/ Normal C
Succubus Knight LOB Warrior/ Normal C
Monster Reborn LOB Spell - Normal UR
Pot of Greed LOB Spell - Normal R
Right Leg of the Forbidden One LOB Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Left Leg of the Forbidden One LOB Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Right Arm of the Forbidden One LOB Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Left Arm of the Forbidden One LOB Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Exodia the Forbidden One LOB Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Gaia the Dragon Champion LOB Dragon/ Fusion ScR