Magician's Force (MFC)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Dark Magician Girl MFC Spellcaster/ Effect ScR
People Running About MFC Pyro/ Normal C
Oppressed People MFC Aqua/ Normal C
United Resistance MFC Thunder/ Normal C
X-Head Cannon MFC Machine/ Normal SR
Y-Dragon Head MFC Machine/ Effect/Union SR
Z-Metal Tank MFC Machine/ Effect/Union SR
Dark Blade MFC Warrior/ Normal R
Pitch-Dark Dragon MFC Dragon/ Effect/Union C
Kiryu MFC Dragon/ Effect/Union C
Decayed Commander MFC Zombie/ Effect C
Zombie Tiger MFC Zombie/ Effect/Union C
Giant Orc MFC Fiend/ Effect C
Second Goblin MFC Fiend/ Effect/Union C
Vampiric Orchis MFC Plant/ Effect C
Des Dendle MFC Plant/ Effect/Union C
Burning Beast MFC Pyro/ Effect/Union C
Freezing Beast MFC Aqua/ Effect/Union C
Union Rider MFC Machine/ Effect C
D.D. Crazy Beast MFC Beast/ Effect R
Spell Canceller MFC Machine/ Effect UR
Neko Mane King MFC Beast/ Effect C
Helping Robo for Combat MFC Machine/ Effect R
Dimension Jar MFC Machine/ Effect SP
Great Phantom Thief MFC Spellcaster/ Effect R
Roulette Barrel MFC Machine/ Effect C
Paladin of White Dragon MFC Dragon/ Effect/ Ritual UR
White Dragon Ritual MFC Spell - Ritual C
Frontline Base MFC Spell - Continuous C
Demotion MFC Spell - Equip SP
Combination Attack MFC Spell - Quick-Play R
Kaiser Colosseum MFC Spell - Continuous C
Autonomous Action Unit MFC Spell - Equip C
Poison of the Old Man MFC Spell - Quick-Play C
Ante MFC Spell - Normal R
Dark Core MFC Spell - Normal R
Raregold Armor MFC Spell - Equip C
Metalsilver Armor MFC Spell - Equip C
Kishido Spirit MFC Spell - Continuous C
Tribute Doll MFC Spell - Normal R
Wave-Motion Cannon MFC Spell - Continuous C
Huge Revolution MFC Trap - Normal C
Thunder of Ruler MFC Trap - Normal C
Spell Shield Type-8 MFC Trap - Counter SR
Meteorain MFC Trap - Normal C
Pineapple Blast MFC Trap - Normal C
Secret Barrel MFC Trap - Normal SSP
Physical Double MFC Trap - Normal C
Rivalry of Warlords MFC Trap - Continuous C
Formation Union MFC Trap - Normal C
Adhesion Trap Hole MFC Trap - Normal C
XY-Dragon Cannon MFC Machine/ Effect/ Fusion UR
XYZ-Dragon Cannon MFC Machine/ Effect/ Fusion UR
XZ-Tank Cannon MFC Machine/ Effect/ Fusion SR
YZ-Tank Dragon MFC Machine/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Great Angus MFC Beast/ Normal C
Aitsu MFC Fairy/ Normal C
Sonic Duck MFC Winged Beast/ Normal C
Luster Dragon MFC Dragon/ Normal UR
Amazoness Paladin MFC Warrior/ Effect C
Amazoness Fighter MFC Warrior/ Effect SP
Amazoness Swords Woman MFC Warrior/ Effect UR
Amazoness Blowpiper MFC Warrior/ Effect C
Amazoness Tiger MFC Beast/ Effect R
Skilled White Magician MFC Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Skilled Dark Magician MFC Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Apprentice Magician MFC Spellcaster/ Effect R
Old Vindictive Magician MFC Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip C
Chaos Command Magician MFC Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Magical Marionette MFC Spellcaster/ Effect C
Pixie Knight MFC Spellcaster/ Effect C
Breaker the Magical Warrior MFC Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Magical Plant Mandragola MFC Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip C
Magical Scientist MFC Spellcaster/ Effect C
Royal Magical Library MFC Spellcaster/ Effect C
Armor Exe MFC Rock/ Effect R
Tribe-Infecting Virus MFC Aqua/ Effect SR
Des Koala MFC Beast/ Effect R
Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Trap Remover MFC Warrior/ Effect C
Magical Merchant MFC Insect/ Effect/Flip C
Koitsu MFC Fairy/ Effect/Union SP
Cat's Ear Tribe MFC Beast/Warrior/ Effect R
Ultimate Obedient Fiend MFC Fiend/ Effect SP
Dark Cat with White Tail MFC Beast/ Effect C
Amazoness Spellcaster MFC Spell - Normal C
Continuous Destruction Punch MFC Spell - Continuous R
Big Bang Shot MFC Spell - Equip R
Gather Your Mind MFC Spell - Normal C
Mass Driver MFC Spell - Continuous C
Senri Eye MFC Spell - Continuous C
Emblem of Dragon Destroyer MFC Spell - Normal C
Jar Robber MFC Spell - Quick-Play C
My Body as a Shield MFC Spell - Quick-Play C
Spellbook Organization MFC Spell - Quick-Play SP
Mega Ton Magical Cannon MFC Spell - Normal R
Pitch-Black Power Stone MFC Trap - Continuous SP
Amazoness Archers MFC Trap - Normal SR
Dramatic Rescue MFC Trap - Normal R
Exhausting Spell MFC Trap - Normal C
Hidden Spellbook MFC Trap - Normal C
Miracle Restoring MFC Trap - Normal C
Remove Brainwashing MFC Trap - Continuous C
Disarmament MFC Trap - Normal C
Anti-Spell MFC Trap - Counter C
The Spell Absorbing Life MFC Trap - Normal C
Dark Paladin MFC Spellcaster/ Effect/ Fusion UR
Dark Paladin MFC Spellcaster/ Effect/ Fusion UR
Double Spell MFC Spell - Normal UR
Diffusion Wave-Motion MFC Spell - Normal ScR