Millennium Pack (MIL1)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix MIL1 Beast/ Effect UR
Curse of Dragonfire MIL1 Dragon/ Effect UR
Holding Arms MIL1 Fiend/ Effect SR
Holding Legs MIL1 Fiend/ Effect SR
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction MIL1 Dragon/ Effect C
Gilford the Lightning MIL1 Warrior/ Effect C
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord MIL1 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Relinquished MIL1 Spellcaster/ Effect/ Ritual C
Dark Master - Zorc MIL1 Fiend/ Effect/ Ritual C
Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion MIL1 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Black Skull Dragon MIL1 Dragon/ Fusion C
Five-Headed Dragon MIL1 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion C
Rebellion MIL1 Spell - Quick-Play UR
Card of Demise MIL1 Spell - Normal UR
Left Arm Offering MIL1 Spell - Normal SR
The True Name MIL1 Spell - Normal SR
Symbol of Friendship MIL1 Spell - Normal R
Shrink MIL1 Spell - Quick-Play C
Scapegoat MIL1 Spell - Quick-Play C
Black Illusion Ritual MIL1 Spell - Ritual C
Contract with the Dark Master MIL1 Spell - Ritual C
Trap Hole of Spikes MIL1 Trap - Normal SR
Ring of Destruction MIL1 Trap - Normal C
Nightmare Wheel MIL1 Trap - Continuous C
Gaia The Fierce Knight MIL1 Warrior/ Normal R
Celtic Guardian MIL1 Warrior/ Normal R
Red-Eyes Black Dragon MIL1 Dragon/ Normal C
Summoned Skull MIL1 Fiend/ Normal C
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp MIL1 Fiend/ Normal C
Launcher Spider MIL1 Machine/ Normal C
Tiger Axe MIL1 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Vorse Raider MIL1 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Pendulum Machine MIL1 Machine/ Normal C
Kuriboh MIL1 Fiend/ Effect C
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon MIL1 Machine/ Effect C
Panther Warrior MIL1 Beast/Warrior/ Effect R
Viser Des MIL1 Fiend/ Effect C
Flame Swordsman MIL1 Warrior/ Fusion R
Thousand Dragon MIL1 Dragon/ Fusion R
XYZ-Dragon Cannon MIL1 Machine/ Effect/ Fusion R
Dark Paladin MIL1 Spellcaster/ Effect/ Fusion C
Toon World MIL1 Spell - Continuous C
Spiral Spear Strike MIL1 Spell - Continuous C
Acid Trap Hole MIL1 Trap - Normal R
Metalmorph MIL1 Trap - Normal C
Widespread Ruin MIL1 Trap - Normal R
Crush Card Virus MIL1 Trap - Normal C
Kunai with Chain MIL1 Trap - Normal R