Onslaught Of The Fire Kings Structure Deck (SDOK)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Fire King High Avatar Garunix SDOK Winged Beast/ Effect UR
Fire King Avatar Barong SDOK Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Fire King Avatar Kirin SDOK Beast/ Effect C
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys SDOK Winged Beast/ Effect C
Manticore of Darkness SDOK Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Goka, the Pyre of Malice SDOK Zombie/ Effect C
Hazy Flame Hyppogrif SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Laval Lancelord SDOK Warrior/ Effect C
Flamvell Firedog SDOK Beast/ Effect C
Flamvell Poun SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Neo Flamvell Sabre SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Royal Firestorm Guards SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Volcanic Rocket SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Volcanic Counter SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Molten Zombie SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Spirit of Flames SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Raging Flame Sprite SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Fox Fire SDOK Pyro/ Effect C
Flame Tiger SDOK Beast/ Effect C
Little Chimera SDOK Beast/ Effect C
UFO Turtle SDOK Machine/ Effect C
Onslaught of the Fire Kings SDOK Spell - Normal SR
Circle of the Fire Kings SDOK Spell - Quick-Play SR
Rekindling SDOK Spell - Normal C
Blaze Accelerator SDOK Spell - Continuous C
Wild Nature's Release SDOK Spell - Normal C
Pot of Duality SDOK Spell - Normal C
Hand Destruction SDOK Spell - Quick-Play C
Creature Swap SDOK Spell - Normal C
Burden of the Mighty SDOK Spell - Continuous C
Backfire SDOK Trap - Continuous C
Flamvell Counter SDOK Trap - Counter C
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast SDOK Trap - Normal C
Horn of the Phantom Beast SDOK Trap - Normal C
Blast with Chain SDOK Trap - Normal C
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai SDOK Trap - Normal C
Regretful Rebirth SDOK Trap - Normal C
Nightmare Wheel SDOK Trap - Continuous C
Call of the Haunted SDOK Trap - Continuous C