OTS Tournament Pack 11 (OP11)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star OP11 Machine/ Effect/ Xyz UtR
Sky Striker Ace - Kaina OP11 Machine/ Effect/ Link UtR
Pot of Desires OP11 Spell - Normal UtR
Fortune Lady Light OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Subterror Nemesis Archer OP11 Fairy/ Effect SR
Altergeist Kunquery OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Orcust Harp Horror OP11 Machine/ Effect SR
Orcust Knightmare OP11 Machine/ Effect SR
Aloof Lupine OP11 Beast/ Effect SR
Salamangreat Violet Chimera OP11 Cyberse/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Fortune's Future OP11 Spell - Normal SR
Metaverse OP11 Trap - Normal SR
Cyber Dragon OP11 Machine/ Effect C
Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo OP11 Machine/ Effect C
Fortune Lady Fire OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Fortune Lady Water OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Limiter Removal OP11 Spell - Quick-Play C
Future Visions OP11 Spell - Field C
Moray of Greed OP11 Spell - Normal C
True Draco Heritage OP11 Spell - Continuous C
Stronghold the Moving Fortress OP11 Trap - Continuous C
All-Out Attacks OP11 Trap - Continuous C
Synchro Material OP11 Trap - Normal C
Eisbahn OP11 Trap - Continuous C
True King's Return OP11 Trap - Continuous C
Duel Dragon Token OP11 SR
Fortune Lady Wind OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Fortune Lady Dark OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Fortune Lady Earth OP11 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Time Passage OP11 Spell - Quick-Play C
Bending Destiny OP11 Trap - Counter C