Pharaoh's Servant (PSV)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Jinzo PSV Machine/ Effect ScR
Steel Ogre Grotto #2 PSV Machine/ Normal C
Three-Headed Geedo PSV Fiend/ Normal C
Parasite Paracide PSV Insect/ Effect SR
7 Completed PSV Spell - Equip C
Lightforce Sword PSV Trap - Normal R
Chain Destruction PSV Trap - Normal UR
Time Seal PSV Trap - Normal SP
Graverobber PSV Trap - Normal SR
Gift of The Mystical Elf PSV Trap - Normal SP
The Eye of Truth PSV Trap - Continuous SP
Dust Tornado PSV Trap - Normal SR
Call of the Haunted PSV Trap - Continuous UR
Solomon's Lawbook PSV Trap - Normal C
Earthshaker PSV Trap - Normal C
Enchanted Javelin PSV Trap - Normal C
Mirror Wall PSV Trap - Continuous SR
Gust PSV Trap - Normal C
Driving Snow PSV Trap - Normal C
Armored Glass PSV Trap - Normal C
World Suppression PSV Trap - Normal C
Mystic Probe PSV Trap - Normal C
Metal Detector PSV Trap - Normal C
Numinous Healer PSV Trap - Normal SP
Appropriate PSV Trap - Continuous R
Forced Requisition PSV Trap - Continuous R
DNA Surgery PSV Trap - Continuous C
The Regulation of Tribe PSV Trap - Continuous C
Backup Soldier PSV Trap - Normal SR
Major Riot PSV Trap - Normal C
Ceasefire PSV Trap - Normal UR
Light of Intervention PSV Trap - Continuous C
Respect Play PSV Trap - Continuous C
Magical Hats PSV Trap - Normal SR
Nobleman of Crossout PSV Spell - Normal SR
Nobleman of Extermination PSV Spell - Normal R
The Shallow Grave PSV Spell - Normal R
Premature Burial PSV Spell - Equip UR
Inspection PSV Spell - Continuous C
Prohibition PSV Spell - Continuous R
Morphing Jar #2 PSV Rock/ Effect R
Flame Champion PSV Pyro/ Normal C
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon PSV Pyro/ Normal C
Darkfire Soldier #1 PSV Pyro/ Normal C
Mr. Volcano PSV Pyro/ Normal C
Darkfire Soldier #2 PSV Pyro/ Normal C
Kiseitai PSV Fiend/ Effect SP
Cyber Falcon PSV Machine/ Normal C
Flying Kamakiri #2 PSV Insect/ Normal C
Sky Scout PSV Winged Beast/ Normal C
Buster Blader PSV Warrior/ Effect UR
Michizure PSV Trap - Normal R
Minor Goblin Official PSV Trap - Continuous SP
Gamble PSV Trap - Normal C
Attack and Receive PSV Trap - Normal C
Solemn Wishes PSV Trap - Continuous SP
Skull Invitation PSV Trap - Continuous R
Bubonic Vermin PSV Beast/ Effect C
Dark Bat PSV Winged Beast/ Normal C
Oni Tank T-34 PSV Machine/ Normal C
Overdrive PSV Machine/ Normal C
Burning Land PSV Spell - Continuous C
Cold Wave PSV Spell - Normal C
Fairy Meteor Crush PSV Spell - Equip SR
Limiter Removal PSV Spell - Quick-Play SR
Rain of Mercy PSV Spell - Normal C
Monster Recovery PSV Spell - Quick-Play R
Shift PSV Trap - Normal R
Insect Imitation PSV Spell - Normal C
Dimensionhole PSV Spell - Normal R
Ground Collapse PSV Spell - Continuous C
Magic Drain PSV Trap - Counter R
Infinite Dismissal PSV Trap - Continuous C
Gravity Bind PSV Trap - Continuous R
Type Zero Magic Crusher PSV Trap - Continuous C
Shadow of Eyes PSV Trap - Normal C
The Legendary Fisherman PSV Warrior/ Effect UR
Sword Hunter PSV Warrior/ Effect SP
Drill Bug PSV Insect/ Effect C
Deepsea Warrior PSV Warrior/ Effect C
Bite Shoes PSV Fiend/ Effect C
Spikebot PSV Machine/ Normal C
Invitation to a Dark Sleep PSV Spellcaster/ Effect C
Thousand-Eyes Idol PSV Spellcaster/ Normal SP
Thousand-Eyes Restrict PSV Spellcaster/ Effect/ Fusion UR
Girochin Kuwagata PSV Insect/ Normal C
Hayabusa Knight PSV Warrior/ Effect R
Bombardment Beetle PSV Insect/ Effect SP
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom PSV Insect/ Effect C
Gradius PSV Machine/ Normal SP
Vampire Baby PSV Zombie/ Effect R
Mad Sword Beast PSV Dinosaur/ Effect R
Skull Mariner PSV Warrior/ Normal C
The All-Seeing White Tiger PSV Beast/ Normal C
Goblin Attack Force PSV Warrior/ Effect UR
Island Turtle PSV Aqua/ Normal SP
Wingweaver PSV Fairy/ Normal C
Science Soldier PSV Warrior/ Normal C
Souls of the Forgotten PSV Fiend/ Normal C
Dokuroyaiba PSV Fiend/ Normal C
The Fiend Megacyber PSV Warrior/ Effect UR
Gearfried the Iron Knight PSV Warrior/ Effect SR
Insect Barrier PSV Spell - Continuous C
Beast of Talwar PSV Fiend/ Normal UR
Imperial Order PSV Trap - Continuous ScR