Pharaonic Guardian (PGD)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Ring of Destruction PGD Trap - Normal ScR
Molten Behemoth PGD Pyro/ Normal C
Shapesnatch PGD Machine/ Normal C
Souleater PGD Fish/ Normal C
King Tiger Wanghu PGD Beast/ Effect R
Birdface PGD Winged Beast/ Effect C
Kryuel PGD Fiend/ Effect C
Arsenal Bug PGD Insect/ Effect C
Maiden of the Aqua PGD Aqua/ Effect SP
Jowls of Dark Demise PGD Fiend/ Effect R
Timeater PGD Machine/ Effect C
Mucus Yolk PGD Aqua/ Effect C
Servant of Catabolism PGD Aqua/ Effect C
Moisture Creature PGD Fairy/ Effect R
Gora Turtle PGD Aqua/ Effect R
Sasuke Samurai PGD Warrior/ Effect SR
Poison Mummy PGD Zombie/ Effect C
Dark Dust Spirit PGD Zombie/ Effect/Spirit SP
Royal Keeper PGD Zombie/ Effect C
Wandering Mummy PGD Zombie/ Effect R
Great Dezard PGD Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Swarm of Scarabs PGD Insect/ Effect C
Swarm of Locusts PGD Insect/ Effect C
Giant Axe Mummy PGD Zombie/ Effect C
8-Claws Scorpion PGD Insect/ Effect C
Guardian Sphinx PGD Rock/ Effect UR
Pyramid Turtle PGD Zombie/ Effect R
Dice Jar PGD Rock/ Effect SP
Dark Scorpion Burglars PGD Warrior/ Effect SP
Don Zaloog PGD Warrior/ Effect UR
Des Lacooda PGD Zombie/ Effect C
Fushioh Richie PGD Zombie/ Effect UR
Cobraman Sakuzy PGD Reptile/ Effect C
Book of Life PGD Spell - Normal SR
Book of Taiyou PGD Spell - Normal SP
Book of Moon PGD Spell - Quick-Play R
Mirage of Nightmare PGD Spell - Continuous SR
Secret Pass to the Treasures PGD Spell - Normal C
Call of the Mummy PGD Spell - Continuous C
Timidity PGD Spell - Normal C
Pyramid Energy PGD Spell - Quick-Play C
Tutan Mask PGD Trap - Counter C
Ordeal of a Traveler PGD Trap - Continuous SP
Bottomless Shifting Sand PGD Trap - Continuous C
Curse of Royal PGD Trap - Counter R
Needle Ceiling PGD Trap - Normal C
Statue of the Wicked PGD Trap - Normal SR
Dark Coffin PGD Trap - Normal SP
Needle Wall PGD Trap - Continuous C
Trap Dustshoot PGD Trap - Normal C
Pyro Clock of Destiny PGD Trap - Normal C
Reckless Greed PGD Trap - Normal R
Pharaoh's Treasure PGD Trap - Normal R
Master Kyonshee PGD Zombie/ Normal C
Kabazauls PGD Dinosaur/ Normal C
Inpachi PGD Machine/ Normal C
Dark Jeroid PGD Fiend/ Effect R
Newdoria PGD Fiend/ Effect R
Helpoemer PGD Fiend/ Effect UR
Gravekeeper's Spy PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Curse PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Guard PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Vassal PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Watcher PGD Spellcaster/ Effect R
Gravekeeper's Chief PGD Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Assailant PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
A Man with Wdjat PGD Spellcaster/ Effect C
Mystical Knight of Jackal PGD Beast/Warrior/ Effect UR
A Cat of Ill Omen PGD Beast/ Effect/Flip C
Yomi Ship PGD Aqua/ Effect C
Winged Sage Falcos PGD Winged Beast/ Effect R
An Owl of Luck PGD Winged Beast/ Effect C
Charm of Shabti PGD Rock/ Effect C
Cobra Jar PGD Reptile/ Effect C
Spirit Reaper PGD Zombie/ Effect R
Nightmare Horse PGD Zombie/ Effect C
Reaper on the Nightmare PGD Zombie/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Dark Designator PGD Spell - Normal R
Card Shuffle PGD Spell - Continuous C
Reasoning PGD Spell - Normal C
Dark Room of Nightmare PGD Spell - Continuous SR
Different Dimension Capsule PGD Spell - Normal C
Necrovalley PGD Spell - Field SR
Buster Rancher PGD Spell - Equip C
Hieroglyph Lithograph PGD Spell - Normal C
Dark Snake Syndrome PGD Spell - Continuous C
Terraforming PGD Spell - Normal C
Banner of Courage PGD Spell - Continuous C
Metamorphosis PGD Spell - Normal C
Royal Tribute PGD Spell - Normal C
Reversal Quiz PGD Spell - Normal C
Coffin Seller PGD Trap - Continuous R
Curse of Aging PGD Trap - Normal C
Barrel Behind the Door PGD Trap - Counter SR
Raigeki Break PGD Trap - Normal C
Narrow Pass PGD Trap - Continuous C
Disturbance Strategy PGD Trap - Normal C
Trap of Board Eraser PGD Trap - Counter SR
Rite of Spirit PGD Trap - Normal C
Non Aggression Area PGD Trap - Normal C
D. Tribe PGD Trap - Normal C
Byser Shock PGD Fiend/ Effect UR
Question PGD Spell - Normal UR
Rope of Life PGD Trap - Normal UR
Nightmare Wheel PGD Trap - Continuous UR
Lava Golem PGD Fiend/ Effect ScR