Premium Collection Tin (PRC1)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Elemental HERO The Shining PRC1 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion ScR
Meteor Dragon PRC1 Dragon/ Normal SR
Number 34: Terror-Byte PRC1 Machine/ Effect/ Xyz ScR
Beastly Mirror Ritual PRC1 Spell - Ritual SR
Fiend's Mirror PRC1 Fiend/ Ritual SR
Meteor Black Dragon PRC1 Dragon/ Fusion SR
Firewing Pegasus PRC1 Beast/ Normal SR
Quick-Span Knight PRC1 Machine/ Effect/Tuner SR
Armored Bee PRC1 Insect/ Effect SR
Great Poseidon Beetle PRC1 Insect/ Effect SR
Junk Forward PRC1 Warrior/ Effect SR
Fallen Angel of Roses PRC1 Plant/ Effect SR
Machina Cannon PRC1 Machine/ Effect SR
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird PRC1 Pyro/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Scarred Warrior PRC1 Warrior/ Effect/ Synchro SR
Kagemucha Knight PRC1 Warrior/ Effect ScR
Photon Wyvern PRC1 Dragon/ Effect ScR
Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel PRC1 Plant/ Effect ScR
Ma'at PRC1 Fairy/ Effect ScR
Masked HERO Acid PRC1 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion ScR
Masked HERO Dian PRC1 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion ScR
Gravity Warrior PRC1 Warrior/ Effect/ Synchro ScR
Void Ogre Dragon PRC1 Dragon/ Effect/ Synchro ScR
Photon Sanctuary PRC1 Spell - Normal ScR
Photon Current PRC1 Trap - Normal SR