Retro Pack (RP01)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Fusion ScR
Blue-Eyes White Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Normal UR
Flame Swordsman RP01 Warrior/ Fusion C
Dark Magician RP01 Spellcaster/ Normal UR
Gaia The Fierce Knight RP01 Warrior/ Normal C
Raigeki RP01 Spell - Normal UR
Fissure RP01 Spell - Normal R
Trap Hole RP01 Trap - Normal C
Polymerization RP01 Spell - Normal C
Curse of Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Normal C
Giant Soldier of Stone RP01 Rock/ Normal C
Red-Eyes Black Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Normal UR
Swords of Revealing Light RP01 Spell - Normal SR
Armed Ninja RP01 Warrior/ Effect C
Man-Eater Bug RP01 Insect/ Effect/Flip C
Hane-Hane RP01 Beast/ Effect C
Monster Reborn RP01 Spell - Normal SR
Right Leg of the Forbidden One RP01 Spellcaster/ Normal R
Left Leg of the Forbidden One RP01 Spellcaster/ Normal R
Right Arm of the Forbidden One RP01 Spellcaster/ Normal R
Left Arm of the Forbidden One RP01 Spellcaster/ Normal R
Exodia the Forbidden One RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect UR
Gaia the Dragon Champion RP01 Dragon/ Fusion SR
Gate Guardian RP01 Warrior/ Effect UR
Summoned Skull RP01 Fiend/ Normal SR
Harpie Lady RP01 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Harpie Lady Sisters RP01 Winged Beast/ Effect R
Mask of Darkness RP01 Fiend/ Effect/Flip C
Black Skull Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Fusion R
Elegant Egotist RP01 Spell - Normal C
Sanga of the Thunder RP01 Thunder/ Effect R
Kazejin RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Suijin RP01 Aqua/ Effect R
Magician of Faith RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip R
Baby Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Normal C
Time Wizard RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Sangan RP01 Fiend/ Effect SR
Kuriboh RP01 Fiend/ Effect R
Catapult Turtle RP01 Aqua/ Effect SR
Jirai Gumo RP01 Insect/ Effect C
Thunder Dragon RP01 Thunder/ Effect C
Cannon Soldier RP01 Machine/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon RP01 Thunder/ Fusion C
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts RP01 Beast/ Normal C
Barrel Dragon RP01 Machine/ Effect R
Solemn Judgment RP01 Trap - Counter SR
Magic Jammer RP01 Trap - Counter C
Seven Tools of the Bandit RP01 Trap - Counter C
Heavy Storm RP01 Spell - Normal R
Thousand Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Fusion C
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon RP01 Dragon/ Effect/Toon R
Axe of Despair RP01 Spell - Equip R
Black Pendant RP01 Spell - Equip C
Maha Vailo RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Relinquished RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect/ Ritual UR
Gravekeeper's Servant RP01 Spell - Continuous C
Upstart Goblin RP01 Spell - Normal C
Mystical Space Typhoon RP01 Spell - Quick-Play C
Giant Trunade RP01 Spell - Normal C
Painful Choice RP01 Spell - Normal R
Black Illusion Ritual RP01 Spell - Ritual C
Megamorph RP01 Spell - Equip R
Manga Ryu-Ran RP01 Dragon/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Mermaid RP01 Aqua/ Effect/Toon C
Toon Summoned Skull RP01 Fiend/ Effect/Toon C
Hyozanryu RP01 Dragon/ Normal C
Toon World RP01 Spell - Continuous C
Giant Rat RP01 Beast/ Effect C
Senju of the Thousand Hands RP01 Fairy/ Effect C
UFO Turtle RP01 Machine/ Effect C
Giant Germ RP01 Fiend/ Effect C
Nimble Momonga RP01 Beast/ Effect C
Shining Angel RP01 Fairy/ Effect C
Mother Grizzly RP01 Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Flying Kamakiri #1 RP01 Insect/ Effect C
Sonic Bird RP01 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Mystic Tomato RP01 Plant/ Effect C
Gaia Power RP01 Spell - Field C
Umiiruka RP01 Spell - Field C
Molten Destruction RP01 Spell - Field C
Rising Air Current RP01 Spell - Field C
Luminous Spark RP01 Spell - Field C
Messenger of Peace RP01 Spell - Continuous R
Wall of Illusion RP01 Fiend/ Effect C
Card Destruction RP01 Spell - Normal R
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp RP01 Fiend/ Normal SR
Lord of D. RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect R
The Flute of Summoning Dragon RP01 Spell - Normal R
Graceful Charity RP01 Spell - Normal R
Penguin Soldier RP01 Aqua/ Effect SR
Scapegoat RP01 Spell - Quick-Play UR
Blast Sphere RP01 Machine/ Effect ScR
Copycat RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect ScR
Relieve Monster RP01 Trap - Normal ScR
Cloning RP01 Trap - Normal ScR
Kaibaman RP01 Warrior/ Effect ScR
Cyber Harpie Lady RP01 Winged Beast/ Effect ScR
Amazoness Chain Master RP01 Warrior/ Effect ScR
Embodiment of Apophis RP01 Trap - Continuous ScR
Exchange of the Spirit RP01 Trap - Normal ScR
Ancient Lamp RP01 Spellcaster/ Effect ScR