Rise Of The Dragon Lords Structure Deck (SDRL)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Felgrand Dragon SDRL Dragon/ Effect UR
Darkblaze Dragon SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
Herald of Creation SDRL Spellcaster/ Effect C
Decoy Dragon SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
Spear Cretin SDRL Fiend/ Effect C
Gilford the Lightning SDRL Warrior/ Effect C
Morphing Jar SDRL Rock/ Effect/Flip C
Kaiser Sea Horse SDRL Sea Serpent/ Effect C
Tyrant Dragon SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
Twin-Headed Behemoth SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
Guardian Angel Joan SDRL Fairy/ Effect C
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
Masked Dragon SDRL Dragon/ Effect C
The Creator SDRL Thunder/ Effect C
The Creator Incarnate SDRL Warrior/ Effect C
Flame Ruler SDRL Pyro/ Effect C
Majestic Mech - Goryu SDRL Fairy/ Effect C
Snipe Hunter SDRL Fiend/ Effect C
Trade-In SDRL Spell - Normal C
Foolish Burial SDRL Spell - Normal C
Soul Exchange SDRL Spell - Normal C
Giant Trunade SDRL Spell - Normal C
The Shallow Grave SDRL Spell - Normal C
Premature Burial SDRL Spell - Equip C
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon SDRL Spell - Normal C
Terraforming SDRL Spell - Normal C
Big Bang Shot SDRL Spell - Equip C
Mystik Wok SDRL Spell - Quick-Play C
Lightning Vortex SDRL Spell - Normal C
Brain Control SDRL Spell - Normal C
Mausoleum of the Emperor SDRL Spell - Field C
Malevolent Catastrophe SDRL Trap - Normal C
Dust Tornado SDRL Trap - Normal C
Call of the Haunted SDRL Trap - Continuous C
Magic Jammer SDRL Trap - Counter C
Sakuretsu Armor SDRL Trap - Normal C
Draining Shield SDRL Trap - Normal C