Saga Of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck (SDBE)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Blue-Eyes White Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Normal UR
Rabidragon SDBE Dragon/ Normal C
Alexandrite Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Normal C
Luster Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Normal C
Flamvell Guard SDBE Dragon/ Normal/Tuner C
Maiden with Eyes of Blue SDBE Spellcaster/ Effect/Tuner SR
Rider of the Storm Winds SDBE Dragon/ Effect/Tuner C
Darkstorm Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Effect/Gemini C
Kaiser Glider SDBE Dragon/ Effect C
Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit SDBE Dragon/ Effect C
Mirage Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Effect C
Divine Dragon Apocralyph SDBE Dragon/ Effect C
The White Stone of Legend SDBE Dragon/ Effect/Tuner C
Kaibaman SDBE Warrior/ Effect C
Herald of Creation SDBE Spellcaster/ Effect C
Kaiser Sea Horse SDBE Sea Serpent/ Effect C
Honest SDBE Fairy/ Effect C
Shining Angel SDBE Fairy/ Effect C
Dragon Shrine SDBE Spell - Normal SR
Silver's Cry SDBE Spell - Quick-Play C
Burst Stream of Destruction SDBE Spell - Normal C
Stamping Destruction SDBE Spell - Normal C
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon SDBE Spell - Normal C
Trade-In SDBE Spell - Normal C
Cards of Consonance SDBE Spell - Normal C
White Elephant's Gift SDBE Spell - Normal C
One for One SDBE Spell - Normal C
Monster Reborn SDBE Spell - Normal C
Dragonic Tactics SDBE Spell - Normal C
Soul Exchange SDBE Spell - Normal C
Swords of Revealing Light SDBE Spell - Normal C
Enemy Controller SDBE Spell - Quick-Play C
Castle of Dragon Souls SDBE Trap - Continuous C
Fiendish Chain SDBE Trap - Continuous C
Kunai with Chain SDBE Trap - Normal C
Damage Condenser SDBE Trap - Normal C
Call of the Haunted SDBE Trap - Continuous C
Compulsory Evacuation Device SDBE Trap - Normal C
Champion's Vigilance SDBE Trap - Counter C
Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon SDBE Dragon/ Effect/ Synchro UR