Speed Duel: Arena Of Lost Souls (SBLS)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Buster Blader SBLS Warrior/ Effect C
Ectoplasmic Fortification! SBLS SR
Destiny Draw (Skill Card) SBLS UR
Whiptail Crow SBLS Fiend/ Normal C
Straight to the Grave SBLS SR
Possessed Dark Soul SBLS Fiend/ Effect C
Call of the Haunted (Skill Card) SBLS UR
Queen's Knight SBLS Warrior/ Normal C
Royal Flush SBLS SR
King's Knight SBLS Warrior/ Effect SR
Tomb of the Pharaoh SBLS UR
Jack's Knight SBLS Warrior/ Normal C
Arcana Knight Joker SBLS Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion UR
Diffusion Wave-Motion SBLS Spell - Normal C
Magicians Unite SBLS Spell - Normal C
Mystic Horseman SBLS Beast/ Normal C
Rabid Horseman SBLS Beast/Warrior/ Fusion C
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon SBLS Dragon/ Fusion UR
Meteor Black Dragon SBLS Dragon/ Fusion SR
Shield & Sword SBLS Spell - Normal C
Sword of Dragon's Soul SBLS Spell - Equip SR
Common Charity SBLS Trap - Normal C
Senju of the Thousand Hands SBLS Fairy/ Effect SR
Sphere Kuriboh SBLS Fiend/ Effect UR
Desert Twister SBLS Fiend/ Effect UR
Harpie's Pet Dragon SBLS Dragon/ Effect C
Amazoness Spy SBLS Warrior/ Effect C
Gravekeeper's Ambusher SBLS Spellcaster/ Effect C
Veil of Darkness SBLS Spell - Continuous C
Conscription SBLS Trap - Normal C
Skull Servant SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
The Snake Hair SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
Armored Zombie SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
Dragon Zombie SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
Clown Zombie SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
Magical Ghost SBLS Zombie/ Normal C
King of the Skull Servants SBLS Zombie/ Effect SR
Decayed Commander SBLS Zombie/ Effect C
Zombie Tiger SBLS Zombie/ Effect/Union C
Great Mammoth of Goldfine SBLS Zombie/ Fusion C
Violet Crystal SBLS Spell - Equip C
Wasteland SBLS Spell - Field C
De-Spell SBLS Spell - Normal C
Block Attack SBLS Spell - Normal C
The Shallow Grave SBLS Spell - Normal C
White Elephant's Gift SBLS Spell - Normal C
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou SBLS Spell - Equip C
Twister SBLS Spell - Quick-Play UR
Half Shut SBLS Spell - Quick-Play C
Michizure SBLS Trap - Normal UR
Limit Impulse SBLS Trap - Normal C