Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators (SS03)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Serpent Night Dragon SS03 Dragon/ Normal C
Order to Charge SS03 Spell - Quick-Play UR
Dinosaur Kingdom SS03 C
Hyper Metamorphosis SS03 C
Petit Moth SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Two-Headed King Rex SS03 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Jar of Avarice SS03 Trap - Normal UR
Nightmare Sonic Blast! SS03 C
Hidden Parasite SS03 C
Big Insect SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Uraby SS03 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Basic Insect SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Crawling Dragon #2 SS03 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Tomozaurus SS03 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Winged Cleaver SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Anthrosaurus SS03 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Kumootoko SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Alinsection SS03 Insect/ Normal C
Black Tyranno SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Insect Queen SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Super-Ancient Dinobeast SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Cocoon of Evolution SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Mad Sword Beast SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Gilasaurus SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Man-Eater Bug SS03 Insect/ Effect/Flip C
Gale Lizard SS03 Reptile/ Effect/Flip C
Pinch Hopper SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Dark Driceratops SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Insect Princess SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Gokipon SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Hyper Hammerhead SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Bee List Soldier SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Element Saurus SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Beetron SS03 Insect/ Effect C
Black Stego SS03 Dinosaur/ Effect C
Gentlemander SS03 Reptile/ Effect C
Laser Cannon Armor SS03 Spell - Equip C
Forest SS03 Spell - Field C
Raise Body Heat SS03 Spell - Equip C
Ultra Evolution Pill SS03 Spell - Normal C
Verdant Sanctuary SS03 Spell - Continuous C
Insect Neglect SS03 Spell - Continuous C
Spacetime Transcendence SS03 Spell - Normal C
Cost Down SS03 Spell - Normal C
Worm Bait SS03 Spell - Normal C
Enchanting Fitting Room SS03 Spell - Normal C
Summoner's Art SS03 Spell - Normal C
Dark Factory of Mass Production SS03 Spell - Normal C
White Elephant's Gift SS03 Spell - Normal C
Amulet of Ambition SS03 Spell - Equip C
Heat Wave SS03 Spell - Normal C
Card Advance SS03 Spell - Normal C
White Elephant's Gift SS03 Spell - Normal C
Eradicating Aerosol SS03 Spell - Normal C
Hunting Instinct SS03 Trap - Normal C
Reinforcements SS03 Trap - Normal C
Spider Egg SS03 Trap - Normal C
Corrosive Scales SS03 Trap - Normal C
Pharaoh's Treasure SS03 Trap - Normal C
Adhesion Trap Hole SS03 Trap - Normal C
Limit Impulse SS03 Trap - Normal C
Order to Smash SS03 Trap - Normal C