Starter Deck Dark Legion (Us) (YS15L)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon YS15L Fiend/ Effect ScR
Beast of Talwar YS15L Fiend/ Normal C
Archfiend Soldier YS15L Fiend/ Normal C
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave YS15L Dragon/ Normal C
Gravi-Crush Dragon YS15L Dragon/ Effect C
Goblin Elite Attack Force YS15L Fiend/ Effect C
Axe Dragonute YS15L Dragon/ Effect C
Lancer Lindwurm YS15L Dragon/ Effect C
Mad Archfiend YS15L Fiend/ Effect C
Fabled Ashenveil YS15L Fiend/ Effect C
Lancer Dragonute YS15L Dragon/ Effect C
Theban Nightmare YS15L Fiend/ Effect C
Exploder Dragon YS15L Dragon/ Effect SHR
Grave Squirmer YS15L Fiend/ Effect C
Dark Hole YS15L Spell - Normal SHR
Smashing Ground YS15L Spell - Normal SHR
Monster Reincarnation YS15L Spell - Normal C
Mystical Space Typhoon YS15L Spell - Quick-Play C
Rush Recklessly YS15L Spell - Quick-Play C
Axe of Despair YS15L Spell - Equip C
Malevolent Nuzzler YS15L Spell - Equip C
Banner of Courage YS15L Spell - Continuous C
Mirror Force YS15L Trap - Normal SHR
Magic Cylinder YS15L Trap - Normal SHR
Trap Hole YS15L Trap - Normal C
Dust Tornado YS15L Trap - Normal C
Mask of Weakness YS15L Trap - Normal C
Call of the Haunted YS15L Trap - Continuous C
Negate Attack YS15L Trap - Counter C