Starter Deck - Link Strike (YS17)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Bitron YS17 Cyberse/ Normal C
Draconnet YS17 Cyberse/ Effect C
RAM Clouder YS17 Cyberse/ Effect SR
Linkslayer YS17 Cyberse/ Effect UR
Galaxy Serpent YS17 Dragon/ Normal/Tuner C
Mystery Shell Dragon YS17 Wyrm/ Normal C
Beast King Barbaros YS17 Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Cyber Dragon YS17 Machine/ Effect C
Photon Thrasher YS17 Warrior/ Effect C
Exarion Universe YS17 Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Evilswarm Mandragora YS17 Plant/ Effect C
Marauding Captain YS17 Warrior/ Effect C
Sangan YS17 Fiend/ Effect C
Kuribandit YS17 Fiend/ Effect C
Marshmallon YS17 Fairy/ Effect C
Cardcar D YS17 Machine/ Effect C
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter YS17 Beast/ Effect/Flip C
Battle Fader YS17 Fiend/ Effect C
Swift Scarecrow YS17 Machine/ Effect C
Effect Veiler YS17 Spellcaster/ Effect/Tuner C
Cynet Universe YS17 Spell - Field C
Monster Reincarnation YS17 Spell - Normal C
Dark Hole YS17 Spell - Normal C
Mystical Space Typhoon YS17 Spell - Quick-Play C
Book of Moon YS17 Spell - Quick-Play C
Forbidden Lance YS17 Spell - Quick-Play C
United We Stand YS17 Spell - Equip C
Pot of Duality YS17 Spell - Normal C
Burden of the Mighty YS17 Spell - Continuous C
Supply Squad YS17 Spell - Continuous C
Terraforming YS17 Spell - Normal C
Jar of Avarice YS17 Trap - Normal C
Call of the Haunted YS17 Trap - Continuous C
Mirror Force YS17 Trap - Normal C
Torrential Tribute YS17 Trap - Normal C
Ring of Destruction YS17 Trap - Normal C
Bottomless Trap Hole YS17 Trap - Normal C
Compulsory Evacuation Device YS17 Trap - Normal C
Fiendish Chain YS17 Trap - Continuous C
Dark Bribe YS17 Trap - Counter C
Decode Talker YS17 Cyberse/ Effect/ Link UR
Honeybot YS17 Cyberse/ Effect/ Link SR
Link Spider YS17 Cyberse/ Effect/ Link SR