Starter Deck Saber Force (Us) (YS15F)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon YS15F Dragon/ Effect ScR
Alexandrite Dragon YS15F Dragon/ Normal C
Mystical Elf YS15F Spellcaster/ Normal C
Odd-Eyes Dragon YS15F Dragon/ Effect SHR
Kaiser Glider YS15F Dragon/ Effect C
Cyber Dragon YS15F Machine/ Effect C
Herald of Creation YS15F Spellcaster/ Effect C
Blade Knight YS15F Warrior/ Effect C
Mirage Dragon YS15F Dragon/ Effect C
Maha Vailo YS15F Spellcaster/ Effect C
DUCKER Mobile Cannon YS15F Machine/ Effect C
Skelengel YS15F Fairy/ Effect C
The Calculator YS15F Thunder/ Effect C
Dark Hole YS15F Spell - Normal SHR
Smashing Ground YS15F Spell - Normal SHR
Monster Reincarnation YS15F Spell - Normal C
Mystical Space Typhoon YS15F Spell - Quick-Play C
Rush Recklessly YS15F Spell - Quick-Play C
Poison of the Old Man YS15F Spell - Quick-Play C
Black Pendant YS15F Spell - Equip C
Malevolent Nuzzler YS15F Spell - Equip C
Mirror Force YS15F Trap - Normal SHR
Magic Cylinder YS15F Trap - Normal SHR
Pinpoint Guard YS15F Trap - Normal C
Trap Hole YS15F Trap - Normal C
Dust Tornado YS15F Trap - Normal C
Call of the Haunted YS15F Trap - Continuous C
Negate Attack YS15F Trap - Counter C