Starter Deck Syrus Truesdale (YSDS)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Expressroid YSDS Machine/ Effect UR
Cyber-Tech Alligator YSDS Machine/ Normal C
Robotic Knight YSDS Machine/ Normal C
Dark Blade YSDS Warrior/ Normal C
Acrobat Monkey YSDS Machine/ Normal C
Archfiend Soldier YSDS Fiend/ Normal C
Cycroid YSDS Machine/ Normal C
Jerry Beans Man YSDS Plant/ Normal C
Zure, Knight of Dark World YSDS Fiend/ Normal C
Poison Mummy YSDS Zombie/ Effect C
Mask of Darkness YSDS Fiend/ Effect/Flip C
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive YSDS Machine/ Effect/Flip C
Chiron the Mage YSDS Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Patroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Gyroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Steamroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Drillroid YSDS Machine/ Effect SR
Submarineroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Ambulanceroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Rescueroid YSDS Machine/ Effect C
Abaki YSDS Fiend/ Effect C
Black Pendant YSDS Spell - Equip C
Rush Recklessly YSDS Spell - Quick-Play C
Giant Trunade YSDS Spell - Normal C
Heavy Storm YSDS Spell - Normal C
Book of Moon YSDS Spell - Quick-Play C
Smashing Ground YSDS Spell - Normal C
Enemy Controller YSDS Spell - Quick-Play C
Earthquake YSDS Spell - Normal C
A Feather of the Phoenix YSDS Spell - Normal C
Lightning Vortex YSDS Spell - Normal C
Brain Control YSDS Spell - Normal C
Trap Hole YSDS Trap - Normal C
Magic Jammer YSDS Trap - Counter C
Seven Tools of the Bandit YSDS Trap - Counter C
Sakuretsu Armor YSDS Trap - Normal C
Threatening Roar YSDS Trap - Normal C
Negate Attack YSDS Trap - Counter C
Magic Cylinder YSDS Trap - Normal C
Rising Energy YSDS Trap - Normal C
Supercharge YSDS Trap - Normal C