Starter Deck Yugi Evolution (SYE)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Dark Magician SYE Spellcaster/ Normal SR
Mystical Elf SYE Spellcaster/ Normal C
Feral Imp SYE Fiend/ Normal C
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 SYE Dragon/ Normal C
Summoned Skull SYE Fiend/ Normal C
Beaver Warrior SYE Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Gaia The Fierce Knight SYE Warrior/ Normal C
Celtic Guardian SYE Warrior/ Normal C
Great White SYE Fish/ Normal C
Giant Soldier of Stone SYE Rock/ Normal C
Mystic Clown SYE Fiend/ Normal C
Neo the Magic Swordsman SYE Spellcaster/ Normal C
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts SYE Beast/ Normal C
Warrior Dai Grepher SYE Warrior/ Normal C
Dark Blade SYE Warrior/ Normal C
Wall of Illusion SYE Fiend/ Effect C
Man-Eater Bug SYE Insect/ Effect/Flip C
Sangan SYE Fiend/ Effect C
Kuriboh SYE Fiend/ Effect C
Giant Rat SYE Beast/ Effect C
Sonic Bird SYE Winged Beast/ Effect C
Zombyra the Dark SYE Warrior/ Effect C
Royal Magical Library SYE Spellcaster/ Effect C
Black Luster Soldier SYE Warrior/ Ritual UR
Black Luster Ritual SYE Spell - Ritual SR
Dark Hole SYE Spell - Normal C
Dian Keto the Cure Master SYE Spell - Normal C
Fissure SYE Spell - Normal C
Monster Reborn SYE Spell - Normal C
Change of Heart SYE Spell - Normal C
Last Will SYE Spell - Normal C
Card Destruction SYE Spell - Normal C
Remove Trap SYE Spell - Normal C
The Reliable Guardian SYE Spell - Quick-Play C
Axe of Despair SYE Spell - Equip C
Malevolent Nuzzler SYE Spell - Equip C
Mystical Space Typhoon SYE Spell - Quick-Play C
Mystic Plasma Zone SYE Spell - Field C
Swords of Revealing Light SYE Spell - Normal C
Pot of Greed SYE Spell - Normal C
Trap Hole SYE Trap - Normal C
Waboku SYE Trap - Normal C
Magic Jammer SYE Trap - Counter C
Seven Tools of the Bandit SYE Trap - Counter C
Spellbinding Circle SYE Trap - Continuous C
The Eye of Truth SYE Trap - Continuous C
Backup Soldier SYE Trap - Normal C
Shift SYE Trap - Normal C
Disappear SYE Trap - Normal C
Raigeki Break SYE Trap - Normal C