Structure Deck: Cyberse Link (SDCL)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Digitron SDCL Cyberse/ Normal C
Dotscaper SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Cliant SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Backlinker SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Balancer Lord SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
ROM Cloudia SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Boot Staggered SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Dual Assembwurm SDCL Cyberse/ Effect SR
Cyberse Wizard SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Backup Secretary SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Stack Reviver SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Launcher Commander SDCL Cyberse/ Effect C
Tragoedia SDCL Fiend/ Effect C
Summoner Monk SDCL Spellcaster/ Effect C
Card Trooper SDCL Machine/ Effect C
Debris Dragon SDCL Dragon/ Effect/Tuner C
Mathematician SDCL Spellcaster/ Effect C
Crane Crane SDCL Winged Beast/ Effect C
Magician of Faith SDCL Spellcaster/ Effect/Flip C
Jester Confit SDCL Spellcaster/ Effect C
Glow-Up Bulb SDCL Plant/ Effect/Tuner C
Kinka-byo SDCL Beast/ Effect/Spirit C
Cynet Backdoor SDCL Spell - Quick-Play SR
Soul Charge SDCL Spell - Normal C
Shuffle Reborn SDCL Spell - Normal C
D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation SDCL Spell - Equip C
Gold Sarcophagus SDCL Spell - Normal C
Mind Control SDCL Spell - Normal C
Cosmic Cyclone SDCL Spell - Quick-Play C
Moon Mirror Shield SDCL Spell - Equip C
Where Arf Thou? SDCL Spell - Normal C
Recoded Alive SDCL Trap - Normal C
Miracle's Wake SDCL Trap - Normal C
Powerful Rebirth SDCL Trap - Continuous C
Premature Return SDCL Trap - Normal C
Swamp Mirrorer SDCL Trap - Continuous C
Quantum Cat SDCL Trap - Continuous C
Storming Mirror Force SDCL Trap - Normal C
Dimensional Barrier SDCL Trap - Normal C
Ghosts From the Past SDCL Trap - Normal C
Encode Talker SDCL Cyberse/ Effect/ Link UR
Tri-Gate Wizard SDCL Cyberse/ Effect/ Link UR
Binary Sorceress SDCL Cyberse/ Effect/ Link SR