Structure Deck: Powercode Link (SDPL)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Datacorn SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Garbage Collector SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Sea Archiver SDPL Cyberse/ Effect SR
Flame Bufferlo SDPL Cyberse/ Effect SR
Lady Debug SDPL Cyberse/ Effect SR
Antialian SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Storm Cipher SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Segmental Dragon SDPL Cyberse/ Effect UR
Cyberse Gadget SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Juragedo SDPL Fiend/ Effect C
Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf SDPL Machine/ Effect C
Reborn Tengu SDPL Beast/Warrior/ Effect C
Skull Meister SDPL Fiend/ Effect C
Goblindbergh SDPL Warrior/ Effect C
Phantom Skyblaster SDPL Fiend/ Effect C
Genex Ally Birdman SDPL Machine/ Effect/Tuner C
Effect Veiler SDPL Spellcaster/ Effect/Tuner C
Magical Merchant SDPL Insect/ Effect/Flip C
Cosmic Compass SDPL Machine/ Effect C
Launcher Commander SDPL Cyberse/ Effect C
Cynet Storm SDPL Spell - Field C
Night Beam SDPL Spell - Normal C
Offerings to the Doomed SDPL Spell - Quick-Play C
Forbidden Chalice SDPL Spell - Quick-Play C
Scapegoat SDPL Spell - Quick-Play C
Swords of Revealing Light SDPL Spell - Normal C
Reasoning SDPL Spell - Normal C
Fires of Doomsday SDPL Spell - Quick-Play C
One for One SDPL Spell - Normal C
Terraforming SDPL Spell - Normal C
Packet Link SDPL Trap - Normal C
Wild Tornado SDPL Trap - Normal C
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare SDPL Trap - Normal C
Blazing Mirror Force SDPL Trap - Normal C
Trap Stun SDPL Trap - Normal C
Safe Zone SDPL Trap - Continuous C
Call of the Haunted SDPL Trap - Continuous C
Reckless Greed SDPL Trap - Normal C
Debunk SDPL Trap - Counter C
Powercode Talker SDPL Cyberse/ Effect/ Link UR
Traffic Ghost SDPL Cyberse/ Link C
LANphorhynchus SDPL Cyberse/ Link C