Speed Duel Tournament Pack 02 (STP2)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Serpent Night Dragon STP2 Dragon/ Normal UR
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth STP2 Insect/ Effect UR
Barrel Dragon STP2 Machine/ Effect UR
Amazoness Swords Woman STP2 Warrior/ Effect UR
King of the Skull Servants STP2 Zombie/ Effect UR
Fortress Whale STP2 Fish/ Ritual UR
Kabazauls STP2 Dinosaur/ Normal SR
Man-Eater Bug STP2 Insect/ Effect/Flip SR
The Legendary Fisherman STP2 Warrior/ Effect SR
Hyper Hammerhead STP2 Dinosaur/ Effect SR
Ally of Justice Core Destroyer STP2 Machine/ Effect SR
Beetron STP2 Insect/ Effect SR
Slushy STP2 Aqua/ Effect SR
Enchanting Fitting Room STP2 Spell - Normal SR
Summoner's Art STP2 Spell - Normal SR
Half Shut STP2 Spell - Quick-Play SR
Ready for Intercepting STP2 Trap - Normal SR
Adhesion Trap Hole STP2 Trap - Normal SR