Tournament Pack 4 (TP4)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Royal Decree TP4 Trap - Continuous UR
Morphing Jar TP4 Rock/ Effect/Flip SR
Megamorph TP4 Spell - Equip SR
Chain Destruction TP4 Trap - Normal SR
The Fiend Megacyber TP4 Warrior/ Effect SR
Dragon Seeker TP4 Fiend/ Effect R
Giant Red Seasnake TP4 Aqua/ Normal R
Exile of the Wicked TP4 Spell - Normal R
Call of the Grave TP4 Trap - Normal R
Rush Recklessly TP4 Spell - Quick-Play C
Giant Rat TP4 Beast/ Effect C
Senju of the Thousand Hands TP4 Fairy/ Effect C
Karate Man TP4 Warrior/ Effect C
Nimble Momonga TP4 Beast/ Effect C
Mystic Tomato TP4 Plant/ Effect C
Nobleman of Extermination TP4 Spell - Normal C
Magic Drain TP4 Trap - Counter C
Gravity Bind TP4 Trap - Continuous C
Hayabusa Knight TP4 Warrior/ Effect C
Mad Sword Beast TP4 Dinosaur/ Effect C