Tournament Pack 5 (TP5)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Luminous Soldier TP5 Warrior/ Effect UR
Big Shield Gardna TP5 Warrior/ Effect SR
Magical Thorn TP5 Trap - Continuous SR
Luster Dragon TP5 Dragon/ Normal SR
Needle Worm TP5 Insect/ Effect SR
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer TP5 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Bazoo the Soul-Eater TP5 Beast/ Effect R
Book of Life TP5 Spell - Normal R
Trap of Board Eraser TP5 Trap - Counter R
Goddess with the Third Eye TP5 Fairy/ Effect C
Jowgen the Spiritualist TP5 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Tornado Bird TP5 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Destruction Punch TP5 Trap - Normal C
Beastking of the Swamps TP5 Aqua/ Effect C
Versago the Destroyer TP5 Fiend/ Effect C
Mystical Sheep #1 TP5 Beast/ Effect C
Pyramid Turtle TP5 Zombie/ Effect C
Curse of Royal TP5 Trap - Counter C
Winged Sage Falcos TP5 Winged Beast/ Effect C
Dark Designator TP5 Spell - Normal C