Tournament Pack 6 (TP6)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Toon Cannon Soldier TP6 Machine/ Effect/Toon UR
Toon Table of Contents TP6 Spell - Normal SR
Fusion Sage TP6 Spell - Normal SR
Royal Decree TP6 Trap - Continuous SR
Restructer Revolution TP6 Spell - Normal SR
Spear Dragon TP6 Dragon/ Effect R
Airknight Parshath TP6 Fairy/ Effect R
Susa Soldier TP6 Thunder/ Effect/Spirit R
Yamata Dragon TP6 Dragon/ Effect/Spirit R
Dark Balter the Terrible TP6 Fiend/ Effect/ Fusion C
Ryu Senshi TP6 Warrior/ Effect/ Fusion C
Emergency Provisions TP6 Spell - Quick-Play C
Fiend Skull Dragon TP6 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion C
Thunder Nyan Nyan TP6 Thunder/ Effect C
Last Turn TP6 Trap - Normal C
Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness TP6 Beast/ Normal C
Sleeping Lion TP6 Beast/ Normal C
Nekogal #1 TP6 Beast/ Normal C
Burglar TP6 Beast/ Normal C
Clown Zombie TP6 Zombie/ Normal C