Tournament Pack 7 (TP7)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


D.D. Warrior TP7 Warrior/ Effect UR
Warrior Elimination TP7 Spell - Normal SR
Fortress Whale TP7 Fish/ Ritual SR
Luminous Soldier TP7 Warrior/ Effect SR
Breaker the Magical Warrior TP7 Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Goblin Attack Force TP7 Warrior/ Effect R
Amazoness Swords Woman TP7 Warrior/ Effect R
Chaos Command Magician TP7 Spellcaster/ Effect R
Scapegoat TP7 Spell - Quick-Play R
Soul Exchange TP7 Spell - Normal C
Fortress Whale's Oath TP7 Spell - Ritual C
Skilled Dark Magician TP7 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Skilled White Magician TP7 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Wall of Illusion TP7 Fiend/ Effect C
Last Will TP7 Spell - Normal C
Haniwa TP7 Rock/ Normal C
Prisman TP7 Rock/ Normal C
Millennium Golem TP7 Rock/ Normal C
Dig Beak TP7 Beast/ Normal C
Nekogal #2 TP7 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C