Tournament Pack 2 (TP2)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Morphing Jar TP2 Rock/ Effect/Flip UR
Dragon Seeker TP2 Fiend/ Effect SR
Giant Red Seasnake TP2 Aqua/ Normal SR
Exile of the Wicked TP2 Spell - Normal SR
Call of the Grave TP2 Trap - Normal SR
Mikazukinoyaiba TP2 Dragon/ Normal R
Skull Guardian TP2 Warrior/ Ritual R
Novox's Prayer TP2 Spell - Ritual R
Dokurorider TP2 Zombie/ Ritual R
Revival of Dokurorider TP2 Spell - Ritual R
Beautiful Headhuntress TP2 Warrior/ Normal R
Sonic Maid TP2 Warrior/ Normal R
Mystical Sheep #1 TP2 Beast/ Effect R
Warrior of Tradition TP2 Warrior/ Fusion R
Soul of the Pure TP2 Spell - Normal R
Dancing Elf TP2 Fairy/ Normal C
Turu-Purun TP2 Aqua/ Normal C
Dharma Cannon TP2 Machine/ Normal C
Stuffed Animal TP2 Warrior/ Normal C
Spirit of the Books TP2 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Faith Bird TP2 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Takuhee TP2 Winged Beast/ Normal C
Maiden of the Moonlight TP2 Spellcaster/ Normal C
Queen of Autumn Leaves TP2 Plant/ Normal C
Two-Headed King Rex TP2 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Garoozis TP2 Beast/Warrior/ Normal C
Crawling Dragon #2 TP2 Dinosaur/ Normal C
Parrot Dragon TP2 Dragon/ Normal C
Sky Dragon TP2 Dragon/ Normal C
Water Magician TP2 Aqua/ Normal C