Tournament Pack 3 (TP3)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Needle Worm TP3 Insect/ Effect UR
Anti Raigeki TP3 Trap - Normal SR
Mechanicalchaser TP3 Machine/ Normal SR
Black Skull Dragon TP3 Dragon/ Fusion SR
Horn of Heaven TP3 Trap - Counter SR
Axe Raider TP3 Warrior/ Normal R
Kwagar Hercules TP3 Insect/ Fusion R
Patrol Robo TP3 Machine/ Effect R
White Hole TP3 Trap - Normal R
Dragon Capture Jar TP3 Trap - Continuous C
Goblin's Secret Remedy TP3 Spell - Normal C
Final Flame TP3 Spell - Normal C
Spirit of the Harp TP3 Fairy/ Normal C
Pot of Greed TP3 Spell - Normal C
Karbonala Warrior TP3 Warrior/ Fusion C
Darkfire Dragon TP3 Dragon/ Fusion C
Elegant Egotist TP3 Spell - Normal C
Dark Elf TP3 Spellcaster/ Effect C
Little Chimera TP3 Beast/ Effect C
Bladefly TP3 Insect/ Effect C