Warriors' Strike Structure Deck (SDWS)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Phoenix Gearfried SDWS Warrior/ Effect/Gemini UR
Evocator Chevalier SDWS Warrior/ Effect/Gemini SR
Featherizer SDWS Spellcaster/ Effect SR
Gemini Soldier SDWS Warrior/ Effect/Gemini C
Spell Striker SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Freed the Matchless General SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Marauding Captain SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Exiled Force SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
D.D. Warrior Lady SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Card Trooper SDWS Machine/ Effect C
Gemini Summoner SDWS Spellcaster/ Effect C
Blazewing Butterfly SDWS Insect/ Effect/Gemini C
D.D. Warrior SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Future Samurai SDWS Warrior/ Effect/Gemini C
Field-Commander Rahz SDWS Warrior/ Effect C
Dark Valkyria SDWS Fairy/ Effect/Gemini C
Supervise SDWS Spell - Equip C
Mind Control SDWS Spell - Normal C
Burden of the Mighty SDWS Spell - Continuous C
Silent Doom SDWS Spell - Normal C
Hidden Armory SDWS Spell - Normal C
Nightmare's Steelcage SDWS Spell - Normal C
Mystical Space Typhoon SDWS Spell - Quick-Play C
Ekibyo Drakmord SDWS Spell - Equip C
Reinforcement of the Army SDWS Spell - Normal C
Big Bang Shot SDWS Spell - Equip C
Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade SDWS Spell - Equip C
Double Summon SDWS Spell - Normal C
Symbols of Duty SDWS Spell - Equip C
Swing of Memories SDWS Spell - Normal C
Unleash Your Power! SDWS Spell - Quick-Play C
Dark Bribe SDWS Trap - Counter C
Kunai with Chain SDWS Trap - Normal C
Sakuretsu Armor SDWS Trap - Normal C
Soul Resurrection SDWS Trap - Continuous C
Justi-Break SDWS Trap - Normal C
Birthright SDWS Trap - Continuous C
Gemini Trap Hole SDWS Trap - Normal C