World Championship 2011 Card Pack (WP11)



Aprox. Value

Release Date


Droll Bird WP11 Winged Beast/ Normal SR
Key Mace WP11 Fairy/ Normal SR
Obese Marmot of Nefariousness WP11 Beast/ Normal SR
Wilmee WP11 Beast/ Normal SR
Key Mace #2 WP11 Fiend/ Normal SR
Great Bill WP11 Beast/ Normal SR
Meteor Dragon WP11 Dragon/ Normal SR
Giant Red Seasnake WP11 Aqua/ Normal SR
Garoozis WP11 Beast/Warrior/ Normal SR
Parrot Dragon WP11 Dragon/ Normal SR
Zoa WP11 Fiend/ Normal SR
Alligator's Sword WP11 Beast/ Normal SR
Monster Eye WP11 Fiend/ Effect SR
Metalzoa WP11 Machine/ Effect SR
Alligator's Sword Dragon WP11 Dragon/ Effect/ Fusion SR
Mooyan Curry WP11 Spell - Normal SR
Breath of Light WP11 Spell - Normal SR
Call of the Grave WP11 Trap - Normal SR
Goblin Fan WP11 Trap - Continuous SR
Metalmorph WP11 Trap - Normal SR